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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In his correspondence with Holmes, what happens the previous night that rouses Watson's suspicion?
(a) He sees Mrs. Barrymore burning a letter.
(b) He sees Mrs. Barrymore going outside by herself.
(c) He sees Barrymore quickly packing his trunk.
(d) He sees Barrymore sneak to a window and light a candle.

2. What do Sir Henry and Watson do to entrap Barrymore?
(a) They have Dr. Mortimer follow Barrymore around for a day.
(b) They ask Mrs. Barrymore what her husband's habits are at night.
(c) They trick Barrymore into coming outside with them at night.
(d) They stay up all night until they hear him come to the window with a candle.

3. When questioned by Sir Henry about the strange sound in the night, what lie does Barrymore tell?
(a) He lies about where he was the night Sir Charles died.
(b) He lies about whether he has heard the hound or not.
(c) He lies about having been wandering the halls the night before.
(d) He lies about his wife crying the night before.

4. Why did Sir Charles return to Baskerville Hall?
(a) He wished to disprove rumors of the Baskerville hound.
(b) He was going to have the hall destroyed.
(c) He wished to marry and start a family.
(d) He made a fortune in South Africa and wished to renovate his ancestral home.

5. Who is the man that was killed on the moor?
(a) Selden.
(b) Dr. Mortimer.
(c) Stapleton.
(d) Barrymore.

Short Answer Questions

1. What manner of narration is used in Chapter 10?

2. How did Dr. Mortimer deduce that Sir Charles had stood at the gate for five to ten minutes?

3. Why is Sir Henry saddened at the thought of losing the Barrymores?

4. After questioning Dr. Mortimer about the discovery of Sir Charles's body, what is Holmes annoyed about?

5. By mid-October, what lady is beginning to preoccupy Sir Henry's thoughts, according to Watson?

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