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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the result of Hugo's wild ride after the girl?
(a) Hugo marries the girl.
(b) A hound will visit Baskerville Hall every full moon to take one of the men away.
(c) Hugo has his throat torn out by a large hound.
(d) Hugo is murdered by the girl's father.

2. Because of the convict and out of concern for the Stapletons, what did Sir Henry offer to them, which Stapleton turned down?
(a) The company of Perkins, Sir Henry's groom.
(b) The company of Barrymore.
(c) The company of Sir Henry.
(d) The company of Watson.

3. What do Sir Henry and Watson do to entrap Barrymore?
(a) They ask Mrs. Barrymore what her husband's habits are at night.
(b) They stay up all night until they hear him come to the window with a candle.
(c) They have Dr. Mortimer follow Barrymore around for a day.
(d) They trick Barrymore into coming outside with them at night.

4. What excites Sir Henry on the journey where he cries out in delight?
(a) He is excited to be back in Devonshire.
(b) He sees a beautiful woman.
(c) He sees the moor people welcoming him to Baskerville Hall.
(d) He sees a herd of wild ponies running over the moor.

5. What name did the bearded man who followed Sir Henry give the cabman?
(a) Dr. John Watson.
(b) Sir Henry Baskerville.
(c) Professor James Moriarty.
(d) Sherlock Holmes.

Short Answer Questions

1. After hearing a man scream on the moor, what do Watson and Holmes hear next?

2. Who is the man that brought the curse upon the Baskervilles?

3. To what does Stapleton seem opposed?

4. What is Sir Henry's opinion of Baskerville Hall?

5. What does Watson believe is the identity of the man on the moor?

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