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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What document is available?
(a) A forwarding address.
(b) A credit card number.
(c) A telephone number.
(d) A rent receipt.

2. What does Mr. Katz do to Jackie?
(a) He wants her to try to fix Mr. Morse's window again.
(b) He snatches her purse.
(c) He asks her to leave.
(d) He asks her again to help Mr. Morse.

3. Why does Mr. Katz confront Jackie?
(a) She is a nurse.
(b) She is most likely willing to play Mr. Morse's game.
(c) She had been in Mr. Morse's room earlier.
(d) She is good at solving problems.

4. For what does Millie apologize?
(a) Being rude.
(b) Not having lived at the Hotel at the time Paul's grandfather had stayed there.
(c) Not remembering Paul's grandfather herself.
(d) Not being more helpful.

5. What is Mr. Morse finally able to say?
(a) He can finally breathe.
(b) He hopes they had a good laugh.
(c) He wants the others to join him in his game.
(d) He has been robbed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Millie suddenly stand and declare?

2. What does the Girl suggest to Paul?

3. Why is Mr. Morse moving silently down the stairs, waving his arms?

4. How does Millie know this to be true?

5. What does Mr. Katz finally order Jackie to do?

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