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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did this come about?
(a) She had auditioned and hired an agent.
(b) Jackie and Jamie had been driving from Buffalo to Florida one day and heard an ad for the land.
(c) She needed to tell her secret after all these years.
(d) She had gone to the wine store the night before.

2. What does Mrs. Oxenham admit?
(a) She wishes Mr. Morse would move out.
(b) She does not enjoy her job.
(c) She is tired of all the complaints.
(d) She cannot possibly remember everyone who has been at the hotel.

3. Why is Paul determined to find his grandfather?
(a) He wants to take care of the elderly gentleman himself, now that he is out of confinement.
(b) He was always closest to his grandfather.
(c) He wants to bring his grandfather back to live with him and his parents.
(d) He wants to find a good nursing home for his grandfather.

4. What is Mrs. Oxenham, the hotel's day desk clerk and switchboard operator, attempting to deflect?
(a) Mr. Katz's questions.
(b) Paul's request to determine whether or not his grandfather had stayed at the hotel a few years ago.
(c) Mr. Morse's whining.
(d) The complaints from the many residents.

5. What does Mr. Katz order Jackie and Jamie to do?
(a) Vacate the hotel by this evening.
(b) Pay Mr. Morse what is owed to him.
(c) Apologize to everyone.
(d) Call the cops.

6. What does Mr. Morse tell Mr. Katz he is missing?
(a) Jewelry.
(b) His wife.
(c) A part of his window.
(d) A piece of the checkers game.

7. Why does Mr. Morse head back upstairs to his room?
(a) He is not feeling well.
(b) He wants to read a book in private.
(c) To get away from the people in the lounge.
(d) To take a nap.

8. What does the Girl do with a tube of mascara from her purse?
(a) She proceeds to blacken the area around one of Jamie's eyes.
(b) She puts the mascara on Jamie and dresses him like a woman.
(c) She applies mascara to her eyelashes.
(d) She tells Mr. Morse she has a gift for him.

9. What does Mr. Katz finally order Jackie to do?
(a) Move out.
(b) Go to her room.
(c) Move her things to another table.
(d) Leave him alone.

10. Why does the Girl rattle off an extensive list of all the cities that she has visited in the United States?
(a) She wants to show Paul she is well-travelled.
(b) She persists in trying to identify Paul's hometown.
(c) She loves to travel.
(d) She loves to brag about where she has been.

11. What does Mrs. Oxenham tell Paul she will do for him?
(a) Notify his parents.
(b) Find his grandfather.
(c) She will notify him if she finds any information about his grandfather.
(d) Call his grandfather.

12. How has the management company fulfilled its duty?
(a) By providing one-month eviction notices to the residents.
(b) By providing a roof over their heads.
(c) By having the residents sign a waiver stating they will make their own repairs.
(d) By lessening the cost of rent.

13. What does Jamie have no intentions of doing?
(a) Fighting again.
(b) Ending the checkers game.
(c) Telling Mr. Morse that he is sorry.
(d) Hurting Mr. Morse.

14. In what does the Girl try to engage Paul?
(a) A movie.
(b) A conversation about his grandfather and his hometown.
(c) A conversation about his job.
(d) A game of checkers.

15. What does the Girl come back into the lobby and tell Mr. Katz that she finally realizes?
(a) The hotel management company has no intentions of fixing the hot water problems or the broken elevator in the hopes that the residents will vacate early.
(b) Mr. Katz is trying to steal money from all of them.
(c) She has a horrible job and should find a more respectable one.
(d) The hotel management is lazy and does not care about its residents.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Millie suddenly stand and declare?

2. What does Paul agree to do?

3. Why does the Girl follow Jackie?

4. What does the Girl yell through the door to Mr. Morse?

5. What does the Girl do to Mr. Morse?

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