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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the Girl tell Jackie that she knows the particular area where Jackie has purchased land, and that it is a barren desert?
(a) She is angered by Jackie's attempt to steal from old Mr. Morse.
(b) She wants to be helpful.
(c) She hopes Jackie and get out of purchasing the land.
(d) She wants Jackie to know that buying the land was a mistake.

2. What does Mr. Morse tell Mr. Katz he is missing?
(a) A piece of the checkers game.
(b) His wife.
(c) A part of his window.
(d) Jewelry.

3. Why is Jackie annoyed?
(a) She is getting no help from the other residents.
(b) She has not convinced Mr. Katz to help her.
(c) Jamie is not in the lobby.
(d) All the pawn shops are closed today.

4. Why is Paul determined to find his grandfather?
(a) He wants to find a good nursing home for his grandfather.
(b) He wants to take care of the elderly gentleman himself, now that he is out of confinement.
(c) He wants to bring his grandfather back to live with him and his parents.
(d) He was always closest to his grandfather.

5. What does the Girl do to Mr. Morse?
(a) She tries to talk him out of the closet.
(b) She yells at him.
(c) She taunts him.
(d) She follows him.

6. What is Mrs. Oxenham, the hotel's day desk clerk and switchboard operator, attempting to deflect?
(a) Mr. Morse's whining.
(b) Mr. Katz's questions.
(c) The complaints from the many residents.
(d) Paul's request to determine whether or not his grandfather had stayed at the hotel a few years ago.

7. What does Jackie claim about her car?
(a) It has already broken down.
(b) It has been sideswiped.
(c) It is dirty.
(d) It has been stolen.

8. Why is Mr. Morse moving silently down the stairs, waving his arms?
(a) He is choking.
(b) He is trying to entertain the other guests.
(c) He is trying desperately to say something, which will not come out.
(d) He is playing a game.

9. Why must Jamie and Mr. Morse be separated?
(a) They are bothering the other residents.
(b) The fight escalates into a fist fight.
(c) Their checkers game is becoming too heated.
(d) They are becoming too loud.

10. Why does Jamie retreat to another room?
(a) He is tired.
(b) He does not want to play checkers anymore.
(c) He is not feeling well.
(d) To avoid any more confrontation.

11. What is Mr. Morse finally able to say?
(a) He hopes they had a good laugh.
(b) He has been robbed.
(c) He wants the others to join him in his game.
(d) He can finally breathe.

12. What does Mr. Katz reluctantly do?
(a) Pulls out the record books to begin a search for evidence that the elderly Mr. Granger had stayed at the hotel.
(b) Finds a room for Paul to stay in.
(c) Gives Paul a refund for his previous stay.
(d) Calls Paul's grandfather.

13. What occurs on the other side of the room?
(a) Jamie and Mr. Morse begin to fight about their checkers game.
(b) Jamie and Mr. Morse get into a fight over the football game.
(c) Jamie and Mr. Morse complain about the hotel falling apart around them.
(d) Jamie and Mr. Morse are playing checkers.

14. What does Jackie share with the others in the room?
(a) Her intentions to move to California and become a movie star.
(b) A bottle of wine.
(c) A secret she has been keeping for ten years.
(d) Her intention to raise organic foods on a plot of land that she purchased in Utah.

15. What does Jackie say to protect Jamie?
(a) He is shy.
(b) Her mother would not approve of this.
(c) He is not very smart.
(d) His health is not good.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jackie respond?

2. Why is Mr. Morse ready for another game of checkers?

3. How does Millie know this to be true?

4. What does the Girl suggest to Paul?

5. Why does Mr. Morse head back upstairs to his room?

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