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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Girl suggest to Paul?
(a) There is a possibility that Mr. Morse could be Paul's grandfather.
(b) There is a possibility that his grandfather stayed in the hotel.
(c) There is a possibility that Mr. Katz is his grandfather.
(d) There is a possibility that Millie knew his grandfather.

2. How does Paul react to this news?
(a) He is crestfallen.
(b) He is angry.
(c) He is nervous.
(d) He is excited.

3. What does Jackie claim?
(a) She fixed Mr. Morse's window and does not know anything about any stolen goods.
(b) She is not in the mood for games.
(c) She does not want to help.
(d) She is only a nursing assistant.

4. For what does Millie try to intercede on Paul's behalf?
(a) A new room.
(b) A break from looking for his grandfather.
(c) Some peace and quiet.
(d) Some privacy.

5. What does Jackie claim about her car?
(a) It has been stolen.
(b) It is dirty.
(c) It has been sideswiped.
(d) It has already broken down.

6. What does Jackie share with the others in the room?
(a) A bottle of wine.
(b) Her intentions to move to California and become a movie star.
(c) A secret she has been keeping for ten years.
(d) Her intention to raise organic foods on a plot of land that she purchased in Utah.

7. Why does Mr. Katz confront Jackie?
(a) She is most likely willing to play Mr. Morse's game.
(b) She is a nurse.
(c) She is good at solving problems.
(d) She had been in Mr. Morse's room earlier.

8. Why can Mrs. Oxenham be of no further help to Paul?
(a) She still has not found anything about his grandfather.
(b) She does not feel comfortable contacting his grandfather.
(c) His grandfather deserves his privacy.
(d) They never accept forwarding addresses from their residents.

9. Why does the Girl tell Jackie that she knows the particular area where Jackie has purchased land, and that it is a barren desert?
(a) She hopes Jackie and get out of purchasing the land.
(b) She wants Jackie to know that buying the land was a mistake.
(c) She is angered by Jackie's attempt to steal from old Mr. Morse.
(d) She wants to be helpful.

10. What occurs on the other side of the room?
(a) Jamie and Mr. Morse begin to fight about their checkers game.
(b) Jamie and Mr. Morse complain about the hotel falling apart around them.
(c) Jamie and Mr. Morse are playing checkers.
(d) Jamie and Mr. Morse get into a fight over the football game.

11. What did Jackie buy?
(a) Two plane tickets to California.
(b) A bottle of wine.
(c) Twenty acres, sight unseen.
(d) A journal to write down all of her secrets.

12. What does Mrs. Oxenham yell at Paul?
(a) To leave her alone.
(b) She has found his grandfather's name in her records.
(c) She has still found nothing about his grandfather.
(d) She knows where Paul's grandfather is.

13. What document is available?
(a) A telephone number.
(b) A credit card number.
(c) A forwarding address.
(d) A rent receipt.

14. With what is the Girl enraptured?
(a) The city of Baton Rouge.
(b) The glimpse into Millie's past.
(c) The way Millie tells her story.
(d) The mention of the kind men.

15. What does the Girl come back into the lobby and tell Mr. Katz that she finally realizes?
(a) The hotel management company has no intentions of fixing the hot water problems or the broken elevator in the hopes that the residents will vacate early.
(b) The hotel management is lazy and does not care about its residents.
(c) Mr. Katz is trying to steal money from all of them.
(d) She has a horrible job and should find a more respectable one.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Millie and the Girl change the subject to the topic of Millie's girlhood home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

2. How has the management company fulfilled its duty?

3. Why is Mr. Morse ready for another game of checkers?

4. What is Mrs. Oxenham, the hotel's day desk clerk and switchboard operator, attempting to deflect?

5. What does Mrs. Oxenham admit?

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