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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Millie know this to be true?
(a) She has lived in this hotel a very long time.
(b) Her things are all packed.
(c) Her psychic instincts validate that he is alive.
(d) Everyone is sick of everyone else.

2. What occurs on the other side of the room?
(a) Jamie and Mr. Morse get into a fight over the football game.
(b) Jamie and Mr. Morse begin to fight about their checkers game.
(c) Jamie and Mr. Morse complain about the hotel falling apart around them.
(d) Jamie and Mr. Morse are playing checkers.

3. What does Mr. Katz finally order Jackie to do?
(a) Leave him alone.
(b) Go to her room.
(c) Move her things to another table.
(d) Move out.

4. How does the Girl respond to Jackie's question?
(a) Jamie was hit by Mr. Morse.
(b) The whole incident had been a joke.
(c) Jackie should not laugh at her brother.
(d) Jamie asked to have the mascara put on him.

5. Why does Mr. Katz confront Jackie?
(a) She is most likely willing to play Mr. Morse's game.
(b) She had been in Mr. Morse's room earlier.
(c) She is a nurse.
(d) She is good at solving problems.

6. Why must Jamie and Mr. Morse be separated?
(a) Their checkers game is becoming too heated.
(b) They are becoming too loud.
(c) They are bothering the other residents.
(d) The fight escalates into a fist fight.

7. In what does the Girl try to engage Paul?
(a) A conversation about his grandfather and his hometown.
(b) A conversation about his job.
(c) A movie.
(d) A game of checkers.

8. For what does Millie try to intercede on Paul's behalf?
(a) A new room.
(b) Some privacy.
(c) Some peace and quiet.
(d) A break from looking for his grandfather.

9. What does the Girl do when she learns that the old man had been a train engineer?
(a) She is ecstatic and demands the chance to talk to the old man, when he is found.
(b) She asks to meet him with Paul.
(c) She wants to interview him when Paul allows it.
(d) She calls him.

10. Why do Millie and the Girl change the subject to the topic of Millie's girlhood home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?
(a) Realizing Jackie has told them too much about her life.
(b) They are jealous of Jackie.
(c) Realizing that Jackie's plan is woefully ill-fated.
(d) They are tired of listening to Jackie.

11. What does Mr. Katz reluctantly do?
(a) Gives Paul a refund for his previous stay.
(b) Pulls out the record books to begin a search for evidence that the elderly Mr. Granger had stayed at the hotel.
(c) Calls Paul's grandfather.
(d) Finds a room for Paul to stay in.

12. What does the Girl do to Mr. Morse?
(a) She taunts him.
(b) She tries to talk him out of the closet.
(c) She yells at him.
(d) She follows him.

13. What does the Girl yell through the door to Mr. Morse?
(a) Jamie has a black eye.
(b) Jamie is sorry.
(c) Jamie misses you.
(d) Jamie still wants to play checkers.

14. Why does Jamie retreat to another room?
(a) He is tired.
(b) He does not want to play checkers anymore.
(c) He is not feeling well.
(d) To avoid any more confrontation.

15. What is Mr. Morse finally able to say?
(a) He has been robbed.
(b) He hopes they had a good laugh.
(c) He can finally breathe.
(d) He wants the others to join him in his game.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Millie suddenly stand and declare?

2. How does Jackie respond?

3. What does Mrs. Oxenham tell Paul she will do for him?

4. Why does the Girl follow Jackie?

5. What is Mrs. Oxenham, the hotel's day desk clerk and switchboard operator, attempting to deflect?

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