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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Girl try to do to Bill?
(a) Flirt with him.
(b) Make fun of him.
(c) Annoy him.
(d) Push him away.

2. What does Bill once more tell Mr. Morse?
(a) He will buy him some cold medication.
(b) He will give him a job.
(c) He will find him a new room.
(d) He will send someone upstairs to close the window.

3. What does the Girl leave for the day desk clerk?
(a) Eviction notices.
(b) A note.
(c) A card.
(d) A piece of chocolate.

4. Why is Mr. Morse getting a cold?
(a) He has been around several sick people.
(b) He visited a school earlier that week.
(c) The window in his room will not close all the way.
(d) He has allergies.

5. What possibility does Jackie see in Mr. Morse?
(a) To make a quick friend.
(b) A money lender.
(c) A fatherly figure.
(d) To find a boyfriend.

6. About what does Bill begin to talk to Millie again?
(a) The time she worked at the soon-to-be demolished Pioneer Hotel.
(b) Her dreams from the night before.
(c) Her time spent in Baton Rouge.
(d) Her years at the Hotel Baltimore.

7. What does Bill suggest that the Girl do?
(a) Distribute the mail in the residents' mailboxes.
(b) Get a better job.
(c) Send wake-up calls to the guests.
(d) Go back to her room.

8. What does Jackie do at Bill's request that she not do it?
(a) She looks for Jamie.
(b) She heads upstairs to work on Mr. Morse's window.
(c) She goes to her room.
(d) She leaves.

9. How long has the boy been waiting for Mr. Katz?
(a) Since last night.
(b) Since three o'clock.
(c) For about an hour.
(d) Since four o'clock this morning.

10. How does Millie respond to Bill's news?
(a) She becomes angry.
(b) She does not register any surprise.
(c) She is ver y surprised.
(d) She faints.

11. What does the Girl miss from living by a railroad track?
(a) Waving to all the people.
(b) The noise from the train.
(c) The many hotel guests.
(d) The gifts from the travellers.

12. Why is Jackie happy to see Mr. Katz?
(a) She has a question for him about the eviction notice.
(b) He is her father.
(c) They are good friends.
(d) She wants to ask a favor.

13. Why is the topic dropped?
(a) Millie is becoming sad from her memories.
(b) Millie is tired of talking to the Girl.
(c) Millie is afraid of the ghosts.
(d) Millie advises the Girl that sprits do not like to be discussed.

14. What distracts April from heading back to her room upstairs?
(a) The arrival of Mr. Morse.
(b) A loud noise.
(c) The doorbell.
(d) The mail in her mailbox.

15. About what does April Green complain?
(a) Her lack of sleep.
(b) Her difficult customers.
(c) The dingy hotel.
(d) The lack of hot water this morning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bill offer Mr. Morse?

2. What does Jackie want Mr. Katz to do?

3. Who was the figure of a shy woman, who never sat, but just stood at the doorway to watch the restaurant activities?

4. What does the Girl inquire about the Hotel Baltimore?

5. What would the Girl like Millie to tell her?

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