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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is this play about?
(a) A group of school children.
(b) The lives of a motley group of characters.
(c) A nursing home.
(d) A train stop in Baltimore.

2. What possibility does Jackie see in Mr. Morse?
(a) A money lender.
(b) To make a quick friend.
(c) A fatherly figure.
(d) To find a boyfriend.

3. Why can this character not sleep in?
(a) It is too hot in her room.
(b) After rising early for so many years.
(c) She had a bad dream.
(d) The sun is too bright.

4. Why is Mrs. Bellotti concerned?
(a) She cannot pay her rent.
(b) She has lost her key.
(c) Her room has been broken into.
(d) Mr. Katz has evicted her son named Horse.

5. Why is Mr. Morse getting a cold?
(a) He has been around several sick people.
(b) He visited a school earlier that week.
(c) The window in his room will not close all the way.
(d) He has allergies.

6. Why does April not keep a clock in her room?
(a) She does not like them.
(b) She has lost her clock.
(c) She cannot afford one.
(d) She hates the sound of alarms.

7. What distracts April from heading back to her room upstairs?
(a) The arrival of Mr. Morse.
(b) The mail in her mailbox.
(c) A loud noise.
(d) The doorbell.

8. What is Bill trying to maintain among all these distractions?
(a) The switchboard activity.
(b) A clean hotel.
(c) His composure.
(d) Peace and quiet.

9. What does the Hotel Baltimore interior reflect?
(a) The Art Deco interior design of that period.
(b) The Arts and Crafts homes in the neighborhood.
(c) The Victorian era in which it was built.
(d) The contemporary design found in many new hotels.

10. What does Bill suggest that Mrs. Bellotti visit?
(a) The police station.
(b) Mr. Katz's home.
(c) The coffee shop on the corner.
(d) A therapist.

11. About what does Mr. Katz inquire?
(a) Bill's work.
(b) Mr. Morse's problems.
(c) The boy sleeping in the lobby.
(d) The eviction notices.

12. How long has the boy been waiting for Mr. Katz?
(a) For about an hour.
(b) Since last night.
(c) Since three o'clock.
(d) Since four o'clock this morning.

13. Why does Bill suddenly jump up?
(a) The telephone rings.
(b) He must get back to work.
(c) Remembering that Jackie had gone to Mr. Morse's room.
(d) There is a customer at the desk.

14. Who was the figure of a shy woman, who never sat, but just stood at the doorway to watch the restaurant activities?
(a) A ghost.
(b) A woman Millie has worked with.
(c) A guest that visits the Hotel Baltimore regularly.
(d) The Girl's mother.

15. Why is this distracting?
(a) She is curious who is at the door.
(b) The noise shook the building.
(c) The mail was overflowing.
(d) He is outraged.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jackie tell Mr. Katz that she has just paid cash for?

2. What does Mr. Katz tell Mr. Morse?

3. For whom is Mrs. Bellotti looking?

4. What must Jackie do because of this purchase?

5. How does the play open?

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