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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Katz tell Mr. Morse?
(a) To stop complaining or leave.
(b) Some of the residents have been complaining about Mr. Morse's vocal exercises.
(c) Some of the residents have been complaining about Mr. Morse's complaints.
(d) He needs to go back to his room, and fix his own window.

2. How does April break into the conversation?
(a) With her complaint about the lack of hot water.
(b) With a need for a clock.
(c) With a flirty comment for both men.
(d) With a complaint about the bright sunlight.

3. Who descends the hotel steps and greets Bill and the Girl?
(a) Mr. Morse.
(b) Millie.
(c) Mr. Katz.
(d) April.

4. About what does Bill begin to talk to Millie again?
(a) Her time spent in Baton Rouge.
(b) Her years at the Hotel Baltimore.
(c) The time she worked at the soon-to-be demolished Pioneer Hotel.
(d) Her dreams from the night before.

5. Why does Bill suddenly jump up?
(a) He must get back to work.
(b) Remembering that Jackie had gone to Mr. Morse's room.
(c) There is a customer at the desk.
(d) The telephone rings.

6. What does Jackie tell Mr. Katz that she has just paid cash for?
(a) A new home.
(b) A new cell phone.
(c) A new car and needs new license plates.
(d) A new wardrobe.

7. What about the hotel has diminished?
(a) Its cleanliness.
(b) Its gleaming persona.
(c) Its distance from the train stop.
(d) The number of guests.

8. Why is Mrs. Bellotti concerned?
(a) Her room has been broken into.
(b) Mr. Katz has evicted her son named Horse.
(c) She cannot pay her rent.
(d) She has lost her key.

9. What does the Girl want to know about the Pioneer Hotel?
(a) If Millie enjoyed her time there.
(b) If Millie had any encounters with ghosts.
(c) If she can visit it before it is destroyed.
(d) When it will be demolished.

10. What distracts April from heading back to her room upstairs?
(a) The doorbell.
(b) The mail in her mailbox.
(c) The arrival of Mr. Morse.
(d) A loud noise.

11. How does the Girl respond when April also complains that it is too light in her room to sleep during the day?
(a) She tells her to get a job where she can sleep during the night.
(b) She reminds April that they are observing Daylight Savings Time.
(c) She reminds her that it is daytime and will be light out.
(d) She tells her to buy heavier drapes.

12. What must Jackie do because of this purchase?
(a) She cannot get the plates until she purchases auto insurance.
(b) She needs to move in within the week.
(c) She must buy insurance on the phone.
(d) She must hang up her clothes before they become wrinkled.

13. Of what does Mr. Katz disapprove?
(a) Suzy bringing friends back to the hotel.
(b) Suzy's obnoxious sister.
(c) The friendship between Suzy and the hotel guest.
(d) Suzy entertaining customers in her room.

14. What is Jackie's problem?
(a) She cannot afford the insurance.
(b) She needs help moving into her home.
(c) She cannot afford the insurance for her new phone.
(d) She does not have room in her closet for her new clothes.

15. With whom does Suzy enter the hotel lobby?
(a) Her sister.
(b) A male customer.
(c) Another hotel guest.
(d) A friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does April not keep a clock in her room?

2. About what does April Green complain?

3. What does Mrs. Bellotti try to discern from Bill?

4. What does Bill suggest that Mrs. Bellotti visit?

5. What does Jackie then try to do to Bill?

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