Hot L Baltimore Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the Hotel Baltimore.

The Hotel Baltimore was built during the heyday of the railroads in the late nineteenth century, and its interior reflects the Art Deco interior design of that period. The hotel's gleaming persona has diminished, along with the waning of the railroad as a means of mass transportation.

2. How does the play open?

As the play opens, it is 7 o'clock in the morning on Memorial Day. A young man, named Paul Granger III, sleeps in one of the lounge chairs. Another man, named Bill, who is the night clerk, mans the check-in desk and switchboard, along with a hotel resident referred to only as Girl. Girl is a nineteen-year-old call girl and sometimes sits with Bill during his night shift, when she is between calls.

3. What are Bill and the Girl doing as the play begins?

Bill begins to make wake-up calls to residents via the switchboard. The Girl tries to flirt with him, but he nervously deflects the Girl's attentions.

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