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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Girl suggest to Paul?
(a) There is a possibility that Mr. Katz is his grandfather.
(b) There is a possibility that his grandfather stayed in the hotel.
(c) There is a possibility that Mr. Morse could be Paul's grandfather.
(d) There is a possibility that Millie knew his grandfather.

2. What does the Girl come back into the lobby and tell Mr. Katz that she finally realizes?
(a) She has a horrible job and should find a more respectable one.
(b) The hotel management company has no intentions of fixing the hot water problems or the broken elevator in the hopes that the residents will vacate early.
(c) Mr. Katz is trying to steal money from all of them.
(d) The hotel management is lazy and does not care about its residents.

3. Why can this character not sleep in?
(a) After rising early for so many years.
(b) It is too hot in her room.
(c) She had a bad dream.
(d) The sun is too bright.

4. How does April break into the conversation?
(a) With a flirty comment for both men.
(b) With a need for a clock.
(c) With her complaint about the lack of hot water.
(d) With a complaint about the bright sunlight.

5. What has the hotel seen?
(a) A growth in wealthy guests.
(b) Very few guests over the years.
(c) No celebrities.
(d) Better days.

Short Answer Questions

1. What will Paul not accept?

2. What does Paul share with the Girl?

3. Who descends the hotel steps and greets Bill and the Girl?

4. What does Mr. Katz tell Mr. Morse?

5. What document is available?

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