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Short Answer Questions

1. Who rats out Franny and John about what they tried to do to the football players?

2. Why did Mary take a summer job working at a hotel, the summer she met Win?

3. What happens to the students who attack Franny?

4. After he is rescued from being beaten up, what signal does Frank give Franny and John so they start attacking Chip?

5. Who does the visitor have sex with on the night of the football rivalry game?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is John so nervous about having sex with Sabrina?

2. What does the school do in honor of Coach Bob's final season as coach?

3. How does Franny react to Frank coming out to her and John about being gay?

4. What happens to Howard Tuck when the electricity comes back on in the Hotel New Hampshire on Halloween night?

5. Why is there a break in the quick succession that Mary and Win have their children in?

6. What are Win's arguments regarding why he should open the hotel?

7. How does Junior Jones help John get better at lifting weights?

8. Why are Win and Mary looking forward to their summer jobs so much when they meet?

9. How does Win react to Freud's letter during the New Year's party?

10. How is it possible for the Berrys to stay in their original home during the hotel renovation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the three staff members Win hires to work in the Hotel New Hampshire, and discuss at least one literary device Irving uses to introduce each to the reader.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Franny and John's choice of spouses. Use direct quotations and examples from the text in your essay.

Essay Topic 3

"The Hotel New Hampshire" has quite a few characters who are prostitutes. Choose two prostitute characters and discuss 1) why Irving puts them in the novel, and 2) at least 3 things Irving is able to do with (or through) them that he would not be able to do with a more traditional character.

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