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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Mary take a summer job working at a hotel, the summer she met Win?
(a) Her parents owned the hotel.
(b) She wanted a little adventure.
(c) She was an orphan and took jobs wherever she could find them.
(d) A fortune-teller told her to.

2. What does Coach Bob recommend John eat during his new attempts to get in shape?
(a) All of these answers are correct.
(b) Pasta.
(c) Bananas, oranges, and greens.
(d) Ice cream.

3. What is Freud's real first name?
(a) Joaquin.
(b) Sigmund.
(c) No one knows; it's unpronounceable.
(d) Martin.

4. How do the renovations to the hotel go?
(a) Faster than expected.
(b) Strangely smooth.
(c) They never get finished, sadly.
(d) Slower than expected.

5. How much does Win pay for the bear and the motorcycle the summer he works at the hotel?
(a) Two hundred dollars.
(b) One thousand dollars.
(c) One hundred dollars.
(d) Five hundred dollars.

6. Who is Franny's date for the New Year's party?
(a) John.
(b) No one.
(c) Chip Dove.
(d) Junior Jones.

7. How old is John's date?
(a) 14.
(b) 45.
(c) 28.
(d) 18.

8. What amazes Bitty about John?
(a) How tall he is.
(b) His kissing ability.
(c) That he is so quiet when Franny is so chatty.
(d) How short he is.

9. Who is the singer for the band that is hired for the New Year's party?
(a) Doris.
(b) Anne.
(c) Lillith.
(d) Sandra.

10. What day does the Berry family move into their first Hotel New Hampshire?
(a) Halloween night.
(b) Christmas Eve.
(c) Christmas Day.
(d) New Year's Day.

11. Where is Chip continually pushing Frank's face as he is tormenting him?
(a) A brick wall.
(b) A tree.
(c) The mud.
(d) A toilet.

12. How old were Mary and Winslow when they met?
(a) 25.
(b) 19.
(c) 20.
(d) 15.

13. Where does the football team eat after their big rivalry game?
(a) The hotel.
(b) At a BBQ in the schoolyard.
(c) At the next town over.
(d) Back at Junior Jones's house.

14. How long does it take Franny to stop the routine she began after she was raped?
(a) Never.
(b) From Halloween to Christmas.
(c) A few weeks.
(d) Six months.

15. How do people listen to the visitor having sex in the hotel?
(a) He accidentally turned his speakerphone on.
(b) He is very loud.
(c) The walls are very thin.
(d) Through the hotel intercom system.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who says she is looking forward to the party -- even though no one else seems to?

2. Who wrote "The Hotel New Hampshire"?

3. What does Frank accuse Franny of being behind (after their fight)?

4. What health problem does Egg develop?

5. What does John buy Rhonda for Christmas?

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