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The Bear Called State O' Maine

• The story opens with the Berry family sitting around listening to a story: "State O' Maine."

• The Berry family consists of Mary, the mother; Win, the father; Franny, the oldest daughter; Frank, the oldest son; John, from whose point of view the novel is told; and Lilly and Egg, the two youngest.

• Win tells the story about how he and Mary met one summer working at a hotel. While there, they encounter a performing bear, "State O' Main."

• Win and Mary fall in love at the hotel; Win buys "State O' Main" and the motorcycle the bear loves, and tours the country making money.

• The two marry shortly after the summer ends and begin having children until Win is drafted.

• While returning to see the old hotel, Win brings along "State O' Maine" who is shot by a young boy with a...

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