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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stephanie ask Ranger?
(a) Why the man was in Cynthia's car.
(b) Why dead people keep showing up where he's been.
(c) If he killed the man in Cynthia's car.
(d) Who the dead man is.

2. Why does Stephanie drive to Morelli's home?
(a) To get Bob.
(b) To make love.
(c) Because she is scared.
(d) To tell Morelli about the time at the townhouse.

3. What does the kidnapper want?
(a) Information about the dead man in Cynthia's car.
(b) Stephanie to contact Ranger and get him to meet her.
(c) Nothing; he is hired by Munson to kill Stephanie.
(d) Information about the Ramos family.

4. Why does Cynthia come into the townhouse?
(a) To find Alexander.
(b) To find out why Stephanie is there.
(c) To taunt Stephanie about her ex-husband.
(d) Looking for her jewelry and car.

5. Why do Lula and Stephanie drive to Munson's home?
(a) To kill him.
(b) To try to apprehend him again.
(c) To have him arrested him for assault.
(d) To see if he is alive.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the people at Stephanie's office keep Mitchell and Habib from following her?

2. Where is Munson when Stephanie and Lula find him?

3. Who follows Stephanie to the office?

4. Who pulls a gun on Stephanie?

5. Who does Stephanie see leaving the Ramos property?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Stephanie obtain information about the Ramos family in her "own back yard" so to speak and how is this ironic?

2. What is the parallel between Stephanie and cars, and Ranger and dead bodies?

3. Is there any justification for Stephanie committing a felony (breaking and entering) when she and Lula go into Ramos's townhouse?

4. Why do you think Stephanie is so amenable to doing what Ranger asks her to do?

5. What is Stephanie's response to Ranger's warning about the Ramos family?

6. What does Ranger tell Stephanie when he stops her while she is out walking the dog and do you think Morelli had a hand in Ranger's decision?

7. What does Evanovich do organizationally that helps keep the reader turning the pages?

8. Why is Cynthia at the townhouse and how does the information she offers and her actions at the townhouse inform her character?

9. Do you think Stephanie is going beyond what Ranger asked her to do as far as the Ramos case?

10. What theme concerning the relationship between Morelli and Stephanie seems to be a thread in Hot Six?

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