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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Stephanie go to check on the liquidation of stolen property?
(a) Morelli's house.
(b) The Sheriff's office.
(c) The police station.
(d) A dealer's house.

2. Where is Elwood?
(a) At a Stargate convention.
(b) At a Star Trek convention.
(c) At the mall.
(d) At his mom's house.

3. What does Ranger say when he calls Stephanie?
(a) That three cars left the Ramos compound and are probably searching for Alexander.
(b) That Ranger needs to see Stephanie asap.
(c) That the police are looking for Stephanie.
(d) That there is a contract out on Stephanie.

4. What do the women find in the garage?
(a) A raccoon.
(b) Cynthia's Porsche.
(c) A bunch of dead rats.
(d) A rattlesnake.

5. What does Stephanie ask Morelli when he calls?
(a) If her grandma can come live with him.
(b) About Lotte and the Ramos family.
(c) If he will take Bob.
(d) Why he no longer comes to visit.

6. Who is watching TV at Stephanie's place when she gets home?
(a) Grandma.
(b) Morelli.
(c) Ranger.
(d) Mooner.

7. What vehicle are Mitchell and Habib now driving?
(a) A BMW.
(b) Mitchell's wife's minivan.
(c) A corvair.
(d) A VW.

8. What does Ramos say about Hannibal?
(a) That he is dying of cancer.
(b) That he is dangerous.
(c) That he killed his daughter by accident.
(d) That he is a big shot.

9. Why does Stephanie drive to the beach?
(a) To tan for a while.
(b) To pick up Lula who is sunning.
(c) To check out Ramos' house from a beach view.
(d) To throw the ball for Bob to swim and retrieve.

10. Why has Mooner returned to Stephanie's place?
(a) To bring Grandma a spare key.
(b) To replace the beer he drank.
(c) To give Stephanie a warning.
(d) To ask Stephanie if she will go out with him.

11. What does Morelli want when he comes over?
(a) To question Grandma about her car.
(b) To pick up Bob and return him to Brian.
(c) To have Stephanie show him where the senior Ramos lives.
(d) To make love.

12. Who follows Stephanie to the office?
(a) Ramas's son Alexander.
(b) Morelli.
(c) Some thugs Stephanie does not recognize.
(d) Mitchell and Habib.

13. Why do Lula and Stephanie drive to Munson's home?
(a) To try to apprehend him again.
(b) To see if he is alive.
(c) To kill him.
(d) To have him arrested him for assault.

14. What does the kidnapper want?
(a) Stephanie to contact Ranger and get him to meet her.
(b) Nothing; he is hired by Munson to kill Stephanie.
(c) Information about the Ramos family.
(d) Information about the dead man in Cynthia's car.

15. What does Morelli ask Stephanie when he arrives at her parents' house?
(a) Why she is seeing so much of Ranger.
(b) How Bob is doing.
(c) When they can be alone together.
(d) Why she was with Alexander Ramos that day.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Alexander get into Stephanie's car?

2. Why does Stephanie leave her ex-husband's office?

3. For whom had the dead man worked?

4. Where does Grandma hear someone talking about Homer?

5. Where does Alexander say he was when Homer dies?

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