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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Lula?
(a) Joe Morelli's partner.
(b) A good friend of Carol's.
(c) An undercover policewoman.
(d) The file clerk in Stephanie's office.

2. What happens when Stephanie climbs the tree again?
(a) She falls again.
(b) She gets stuck on a branch and cannot extricate herself.
(c) A limb breaks and she falls through Ramos's window.
(d) Ramos spies her.

3. Why doesn't Stephanie want to look for Ranger?
(a) He probably went to Los Angeles and she does not want to go there.
(b) He is dangerous.
(c) He is Joe's best friend.
(d) If he doesn't want to be found, he won't be found.

4. Why do Mitchell and Habib think Stephanie is changing cars?
(a) To throw Ranger off her trail.
(b) To confuse Munson.
(c) To look wealthy.
(d) To confuse them.

5. Why is Munson charged with a crime?
(a) He assaults his wife.
(b) He assaults his mother.
(c) He is mistaken for his twin brother.
(d) He is being set up.

6. Where does Stephanie send Joyce to find Ranger in retaliation for Joyce's making fun of Stephanie?
(a) To the worst neighborhood in Newark.
(b) To Staten Island.
(c) To the Bronx.
(d) To Ramos' burned office.

7. For what is Ranger arrested?
(a) Failure to pay parking tickets.
(b) Carrying a concealed weapon.
(c) Murder.
(d) Jaywalking.

8. Why do Stephanie and Grandma eat their pie before dinner?
(a) Because life is uncertain.
(b) Because they like it that they are different from others.
(c) Because the neighbor comes by while Stephanie is cutting the pie earlier in the day.
(d) Stephanie had used the pie plate to cook the meatloaf in.

9. Who pulls Stephanie into the elevator the next morning as she goes to buy a newspaper?
(a) Joe.
(b) Ramos.
(c) Mitchell and Habib.
(d) Ranger.

10. Where does Hannibal end up?
(a) In Deal.
(b) In downtown Trenton.
(c) In Newark.
(d) In Cape May.

11. What are Stephanie and Grandma doing when Brian arrives in the morning?
(a) They are still asleep.
(b) Eating oatmeal.
(c) Looking at apartment ads.
(d) Fighting.

12. For whom are Mitchell and Habib looking?
(a) Morelli.
(b) Ramos.
(c) Moon Man.
(d) Ranger.

13. Where is the fully loaded gun in Stephanie's place?
(a) In the flour bin in a plastic bag.
(b) In the cookie drawer.
(c) In the toilet tank in a plastic bag.
(d) Under the mattress.

14. What does Stephanie have to decide when the man arrives?
(a) Whether to tell him the information he wants to know.
(b) If she is in love with him.
(c) Whether to shoot him.
(d) Whether to let him into her apartment.

15. Who is at Stephanie's front door while she is on the phone to her mother?
(a) Carol.
(b) Ranger.
(c) Stephanie's grandmother.
(d) Joe.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Ranger?

2. What does Grandma like about dinner?

3. What does Munson do in order to escape Stephanie this time?

4. What does the caller want?

5. Why does Stephanie go back to the Ramos townhouse?

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