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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ranger miss court?
(a) He was being held against his will.
(b) He was very ill.
(c) He needs to be looking for someone and can't if he is in jail.
(d) He does not think the presiding judge will be fair.

2. Why does Stephanie drive through Ramos' neighborhood?
(a) Scoping it out.
(b) To find Ramos and offer her condolences.
(c) To see if she can find Ranger.
(d) She is lost.

3. Where does Stephanie send Joyce to find Ranger in retaliation for Joyce's making fun of Stephanie?
(a) To Ramos' burned office.
(b) To Staten Island.
(c) To the worst neighborhood in Newark.
(d) To the Bronx.

4. What does Ranger do before leaving Stephanie?
(a) Kisses her.
(b) Gives her a jimmy tool for her job.
(c) Gives her a gun.
(d) Shows her where to aim to disable someone.

5. Where does Hannibal end up?
(a) In downtown Trenton.
(b) In Cape May.
(c) In Deal.
(d) In Newark.

6. Why is Carol Zabo thinking of suicide?
(a) She wants attention.
(b) She is caught shoplifting.
(c) She is fatally ill.
(d) Her husband leaves her.

7. To whom does Vinnie threaten to give Ranger's file?
(a) The undercover cops.
(b) No one; he has no one else to do the case.
(c) He threatens to take it himself and fire Stephanie.
(d) Joyce Barnhardt, Stephanie's archenemy.

8. What does Walter Dunphy invite Stephanie to do?
(a) Watch Rocky and Bullwinkle.
(b) Play canasta.
(c) See his snake collection.
(d) Have a beer.

9. What does Stephanie learn when she calls the DMV?
(a) The car at Ramos' house the night before belongs to Morelli's ex-girlfriend.
(b) There is noone registered to the tag number she asks about.
(c) Her car is underinsured.
(d) Her car is not eligible to have the tags renewed until she gets it fixed.

10. Who is Joe Morelli?
(a) The bailbondsman for whom Stephanie works.
(b) Stephanie's brother-in-law.
(c) A cop in Trenton.
(d) The judge on Stephanie's court case.

11. Why do Mitchell and Habib think Stephanie is changing cars?
(a) To throw Ranger off her trail.
(b) To confuse Munson.
(c) To look wealthy.
(d) To confuse them.

12. What does Ranger ask Stephanie to do?
(a) Go to NYC and contact someone for Ranger.
(b) Tell Mitchell and Habib where Ranger is.
(c) Some light surveillance of the townhouse where Hannibal Ramos is staying while in town.
(d) Stay away from Ramos's apartment.

13. Who causes the fire in Stephanie's car?
(a) Ranger.
(b) Mitchell and Habib.
(c) Moon.
(d) Simon.

14. What does Stephanie seem to do on a regular basis?
(a) Turn down Joe Morelli for a date.
(b) Turn down Simon for a date.
(c) Forget to complete paperwork on a skip.
(d) Destroy her car.

15. Where does Stephanie decide to have lunch?
(a) At her parents' house.
(b) At a fast food joint.
(c) Back at her apartment.
(d) With Joe Morelli.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Connie?

2. Why is Stephanie watching Bob?

3. What does Munson do in order to escape Stephanie this time?

4. What changes Joe's mirth to concern when he finds Stephanie's grandmother at the apartment?

5. Who is on the phone when Grandma calls down to Stephanie?

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