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1. What is slightly incongruous about how Stephanie is portrayed in the opening scene?

Stephanie is concerned that she's a nymphomaniac, though she is not at all promiscuous. In the opening scene, she is wearing a sexy little black dress, ankle-strap heels and has a fully loaded gun in the cookie drawer. A sexy black dress and ankle-strap heels seem a little incongruous to a loaded gun.

2. Describe the scene with Stephanie and Carol Zabo five months after the prologue and also what this says about Stephanie as a person.

Stephanie is trying to talk Carol Zabo out of jumping off a bridge. Though Carol seems to be dead set on killing herself, Stephanie is sure that she will not, based on the leather jacket Carol is wearing. In Stephanie's eyes you would not kill yourself wearing such a jacket; you would give it to your sister first. Stephanie is successful in talking Carol down, if only temporarily, proving that despite her faults as a bounty hunter, at least she can negotiate. This also shows Stephanie's practical nature in that she wouldn't dream of ruining a good leather jacket in a suicide.

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