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The Burg

The neighborhood in New Jersey where Stephanie Plum grew up and her parents still live.

Vincent Plum Bail Bonds

This is the business for which Stephanie works.

Big Blue

The indestructible 1953 Buick that Stephanie drives after her own car is destroyed by fire.


The funeral home frequented by Stephanie's Grandma Mazur and her friends.


The city in New Jersey where Stephanie lives and works.

Giovicchini's Market

A shop frequented by people who live in the Burg.


The car that the dealer loans Stephanie.


Dougie Kruper's new business venture after being busted for selling stolen property.

Art's Carpets

The store owned by Stolle.


A suburb of Trenton and the location of the home where Alexander Ramos is staying while in town.

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