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Lesson 1

Objective: Prologue/Epilogue. Many books, such as this one have prologues and some have an epilogue also. The objective of this lesson is to look at the use of prologues and epilogues.

1) Homework: Research the definition of prologue and epilogue and why they are used. Write a brief one-page essay about them.

2. Class discussion: What is the purpose of a prologue? An epilogue? Why not just include the information in the body of the story? What is the purpose of the prologue in Hot Six?

3. Group work: Write a brief, one-act play and write a prologue to be spoken by a "chorus" that adds to the play in some way.

4. Class presentations: Groups perform their one-act play and class decide if the prologue is necessary.

Lesson 2

Objective: Bounty Hunter. Readers learn almost immediately that Stepanie Plum is a bounty hunter. The objective of this lesson is to...

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