Hot Six Character Descriptions

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Stephanie Plum

A bond enforcement agent or bounty hunter, this character works for her cousin, Vinnie, hunting criminals or skips that have failed to appear in court.


This character is a bounty hunter for Vinnie at the bond agency, as well as a very mysterious person.

Joe Morelli

This character is a New Jersey police officer and the on-again, off-again boyfriend of Stephanie Plum.


A former prostitute, this character is a file clerk for Vinnie at the bond agency, and sometimes assists Stephanie with apprehensions.

Gradma Mazur

This character lives with Stephanie's parents, but after a fight with her son-in-law, moves into Stephanie's apartment.

Alexander Ramos

This character is the Greek head of an arms distribution ring.

Hannibal Ramos

This character usually lives in California but returns to New Jersey to help with family responsibilities.

Joyce Barnhardt

Stephanie's nemesis, this character is also a bounty hunter...

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