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Prologue, Chapters 1 & 2

• Stephanie thinks about her lusting after men as she waits for Joe Morelli to arrive.

• Morelli and Stephanie have been friends since age 7 and on-again/off-again lovers since age 18.

• Carol Zabo threatens to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge but Stephanie talks her out of it.

• Stephanie says she'll try to get the cop, Brian, to drop the charges for Carol rear-ending his vehicle.

• Vinnie offers Stephanie an FTA, but it is Ranger, so Stephanie refuses knowing she couldn't find him if he does not want to be found.

• Stephanie learns there is a fire downtown and Homer Ramos is found dead in the fire.

• Ranger is the last person seen leaving the building before the fire and Morelli wants to talk to him.

• Vinnie ends up giving Stephanie three other FTAs instead of Ranger's.

• Stephanie goes to retrieve her first skip who gets in...

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