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Short Answer Questions

1. What do Meg and Pat say drove Monsewer half mad?

2. Mulleady hurries in shouting for what?

3. Pat salutes him, sees he has something important to talk about, and tells Meg to do what?

4. What does Pat promise to sing?

5. What do various characters say about the Soldier?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Mulleady asks about the shirts Meg was to have laundered?

2. How does Teresa act when she finds out the Officer did not give the Soldier the cigarettes? How does the Soldier respond?

3. How did Monsewer come about his name?

4. What does the Soldier ask the Volunteer? What is the Volunteer's response?

5. When Meg returns, about what do she and Pat argue?

6. What story does Pat tell, after the Soldier demands to know what he did to deserve this treatment?

7. What do Pat, Meg, and Miss Gilchrist do, while the Officer and the Volunteer stand guard over the Soldier?

8. What do Meg and Pat say about money?

9. How does the conversation between Teresa and the Soldier end?

10. What does Pat tell the Soldier about his situation?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

There is tension between the various characters.

Part 1) Give two examples of tension. Why does this tension exist?

Part 2) How is this tension affected by the play's vaudeville style? Why?

Part 3) How does this tension imitate real life?

Essay Topic 2

Foreshadowing is used throughout this story.

Part 1) Give two examples of foreshadowing. What is the purpose for this foreshadowing? What is coming in the story, and why?

Part 2) Is foreshadowing typically used to indicate the coming of positive events, or negative? Defend your answer.

Part 3) How does this foreshadowing reinforce the themes, sub-themes, and the plot?

Essay Topic 3

A sub-theme of the play is no matter who and what these people are and what they do to survive, patriotism in the name of Ireland is the one noble value they have in their lives.

Part 1) How does one know this is a sub-theme?

Part 2) How does this sub-theme reflect the beliefs of the characters in this play?

Part 3) Does this type of patriotism exist anywhere else in the world? If so, where and why? If not, why not?

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