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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can neither the Soldier or the Volunteer go?
(a) The Soldier is a prisoner, and the Volunteer is on duty for another hour.
(b) The Soldier is on duty, and the Volunteer is a prisoner.
(c) The Soldier is a prisoner, and the Volunteer is too lazy.
(d) The Soldier is a prisoner, and the Volunteer does not want to take him anywhere.

2. What does the Officer say when the Soldier says he does not know anything about the business done by the British?
(a) He will learn shortly when he gets a bullet in the head.
(b) He is a liar.
(c) He is not expected to know the business done by the British.
(d) Everyone knows about the business done by the British.

3. How does the Soldier reply when Pat says he needs to sing something less patriotic?
(a) He cannot think of anything else.
(b) He would rather not sing.
(c) He only knows patriotic tunes.
(d) He does not want to sing anything else.

4. How do Meg and the other characters make jokes about the author?
(a) He is an American.
(b) He is both pro-Irish and pro-British.
(c) He is actually French.
(d) He is both anti-Irish and anti-British.

5. How does the Soldier respond when Pat tells him he is a prisoner of war?
(a) There is no war.
(b) He should not be a prisoner of war.
(c) You cannot shoot prisoners of war.
(d) You cannot torture prisoners of war.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Princess Grace do as the Soldier and Miss Gilchrist argue over who he should pay attention to?

2. How does the scene end?

3. How can the song by the Soldier be understood?

4. After the Soldier asks for a cigarette and is told there are none, the Officer tells him he will be getting what?

5. What does the Soldier ask Teresa to do?

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