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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Soldier describes their situation as war, about what does Meg speak angrily?
(a) She has always lived during war time.
(b) War never ends.
(c) The innocents whose lives were destroyed by that war.
(d) Her parents were killed during a war.

2. How can the song by the Soldier be understood?
(a) As a a reference to his resentment, and British resentment in general, for all non-British.
(b) As a reference to the influence of America on many in Europe.
(c) As a way to show that he has worth.
(d) As a song of love for his Irish captors.

3. What does the Soldier ask the Volunteer if he can go and do?
(a) Out back to relieve himself.
(b) Go for a walk.
(c) See the rest of the house.
(d) Get his own dinner.

4. What kind of music is heard?
(a) Pop.
(b) Rap.
(c) Irish.
(d) Rock and roll.

5. Why can neither the Soldier or the Volunteer go?
(a) The Soldier is a prisoner, and the Volunteer does not want to take him anywhere.
(b) The Soldier is a prisoner, and the Volunteer is on duty for another hour.
(c) The Soldier is a prisoner, and the Volunteer is too lazy.
(d) The Soldier is on duty, and the Volunteer is a prisoner.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Teresa do when she finds out that the Officer never gave the Soldier the cigarettes she brought?

2. How does the Soldier not want to ruin his time with Teresa?

3. What are the marchers doing?

4. About which soldier is the article talking?

5. As Miss Gilchrist takes a drink to the Soldier, what does the Volunteer do?

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