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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Meg and Pat say Monsewer studied?
(a) French history and language.
(b) Irish history and language.
(c) German history and language.
(d) Spanish history and language.

2. After Mulleady goes, about what does Meg complain?
(a) How she purposely folded his shirts incorrectly.
(b) How annoying he is.
(c) She is tired of her job.
(d) They will allow anybody to live there.

3. How does Pat try to reassure her?
(a) Saying he knows Monsewer will sell it soon.
(b) Saying she is a good housekeeper.
(c) Saying it will be their home again soon.
(d) Saying she is nothing like the merciless prostitutes and thieves he really meant.

4. What do Pat and Meg say about Monsewer's history?
(a) He was born in Irelnad but was English on his father's side.
(b) He was born in England but was Irish on his mother's side.
(c) He was born in Ireland but was English on his mother's side.
(d) He was born in England but was Irish on his father's side.

5. Monsewer comes in, checking with Pat to make sure about what?
(a) Preparations have been made for the arrival of the soldiers and their prisoner.
(b) The boarding house is full.
(c) All rent money has been paid.
(d) His breakfast has been prepared.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Pat, Meg, and Monsewer discuss?

2. When she is gone, what does Monsewer tell Pat?

3. After a brief argument what does Mulleady do?

4. What does his missing leg have to do with his conversation with Meg?

5. What do various characters say about the Soldier?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the conversation between Teresa and the Soldier end?

2. What is revealed about the Soldier?

3. How does Meg react to Princess Grace's news? How do the others respond?

4. How does Pat feel about the way that Meg talks to him?

5. What story does Teresa tell?

6. What happens when Mulleady asks about the shirts Meg was to have laundered?

7. Why does Meg appear? What does the Officer think of this?

8. About what is the article? How do the various characters react?

9. What happens when music comes on the radio? How do the characters' actions change when the British soldier enters?

10. What takes place while Teresa is under the bed?

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