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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the sailor shows a handful of notes, what do Meg and Pat comment?
(a) They do not want his dirty money.
(b) Money is the best religion and the best form of politics.
(c) No amount of money can persuade them.
(d) Money means nothing when one is a Communist.

2. What does Meg tearfully tell him?
(a) She may be a prostitute but she is still a patriot.
(b) She hopes Monsewer sells it.
(c) She would also like it to be their home again.
(d) She tries to keep the home tidy.

3. On what does Pat insist from the officer?
(a) A bonus check.
(b) An award.
(c) Rent in advance.
(d) A letter of recommendation.

4. What is revealed about Meg?
(a) She was a spy.
(b) She lived in England.
(c) She was an orphan.
(d) She is a mother.

5. What do Pat, Meg, and Monsewer discuss?
(a) The merits of Irish versus English.
(b) How strange Monsewer is.
(c) The good qualities of the English.
(d) How beautiful the French language is.

Short Answer Questions

1. This raucous comedy-drama tells the parallel stories of what two people?

2. As he comes in, the Soldier does what?

3. What do various characters say about the Soldier?

4. What does Pat say about the tenants' money?

5. What do Meg and Pat say Monsewer studied?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Monsewer want to do with the Soldier? To what does this lead?

2. What news does Monsewer have for Pat?

3. Why is Monsewer playing the bagpipes?

4. What happens when Mulleady asks about the shirts Meg was to have laundered?

5. What story does Pat tell, after the Soldier demands to know what he did to deserve this treatment?

6. What transitions into the first scene?

7. What do Meg and Pat think about the treaty that was signed?

8. What do Pat, Meg, and Miss Gilchrist do, while the Officer and the Volunteer stand guard over the Soldier?

9. What does the Officer ask about Teresa? What is Pat's response?

10. With what does Teresa rush in?

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