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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Over what do the characters argue?
(a) What should be done to the Irish prisoner.
(b) Which side is right.
(c) What to have for dinner.
(d) Why the Irish prisoner did what he did.

2. What crude comment does Meg make to Miss Gilchrist?
(a) Miss Gilchrist only wants to be saved by Mulleady.
(b) Miss Gilchrist's only principle is her relationship with Mulleady.
(c) Miss Gilchrist is only interested in worshipping Mulleady.
(d) Miss Gilchrist loves the Bible for its dirty stories.

3. What does Teresa do as Pat sits on the bed?
(a) She gasps from behind the door.
(b) She yells as the mattress sinks onto her.
(c) She giggles from the closet.
(d) She peaks through the window.

4. How does the Soldier respond when Pat tells him he is a prisoner of war?
(a) You cannot torture prisoners of war.
(b) There is no war.
(c) You cannot shoot prisoners of war.
(d) He should not be a prisoner of war.

5. How do the others respond when the Soldier asks whether any of the others would let him free?
(a) Everyone says they would free him.
(b) No one responds.
(c) Teresa, alone, said she would free him.
(d) No one will free him.

6. What does the Officer think Meg is there to do?
(a) Cook breakfast.
(b) Have sex with the Soldier.
(c) Clean the room.
(d) Sing a song.

7. About which soldier is the article talking?
(a) A French soldier.
(b) An American soldier.
(c) The Irish one.
(d) The British one.

8. Who did Teresa help when she was a child?
(a) The nuns in the convent.
(b) The other little girls.
(c) A sad little boy.
(d) Her parents.

9. When Monsewer comes in with Pat, what are they discussing?
(a) When he will play the bagpipes again.
(b) What is for dinner.
(c) How badly he played but that his playing will be better in the morning.
(d) How well he plays the badpipes.

10. What does Pat say is a bluff?
(a) The imprisonment of the Soldier.
(b) The British threats to kills the Irish soldier.
(c) The capturing of the Irish soldier.
(d) The article in the newspaper.

11. As Pat offers the Volunteer and the Soldier a drink, what does the Soldier demand?
(a) To know what he did to deserve this treatment.
(b) To know when he will die.
(c) To know why he cannot be freed.
(d) To know how he will die.

12. How does the scene end?
(a) Teresa leaves.
(b) Teresa climbs out the window.
(c) The Officer opens the door and finds Teresa in the room with the Soldier.
(d) They sing and dance together, and at the end of the song they go to bed.

13. What does Miss Gilchrist think about the Royal Family?
(a) She is fond of them.
(b) She wants to be a part of the family.
(c) She detests them.
(d) She is jealous of them.

14. What do Princess Grace, Mulleady, and other tenants come in to do?
(a) To taunt the prisoner.
(b) To offer support.
(c) Try to catch a glimpse of the prisoner.
(d) To help the prisoner.

15. What story does Teresa tell?
(a) A story of when she was a girl in the convent.
(b) A story of when she first moved to the boarding house.
(c) A story of when she became an orphan.
(d) A story of when she became an Irishwoman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Officer and the Volunteer do as Pat, Meg and Miss Gilchrist sit, drink, sing, and bicker over whether Pat was a good soldier in the cause of the IRA?

2. About what does Meg taunt Pat?

3. When the Soldier describes their situation as war, about what does Meg speak angrily?

4. What does Princess Grace do as the Soldier and Miss Gilchrist argue over who he should pay attention to?

5. How old is the Soldier?

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