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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does the Soldier say those who are parted will all be brought together?
(a) When they move to England.
(b) When they are destroyed by the H-bomb.
(c) When they die.
(d) When they choose peace.

2. What takes place suddenly in this story?
(a) Music.
(b) Violence, music, and humor.
(c) Violence.
(d) Gun shots.

3. How does Miss Gilchrist respond to angry inquiries about what her name means?
(a) With a haughty comment about her name meaning she is a message from Christ.
(b) With a haughty comment about her name meaning she is a daughter of Christ.
(c) With a haughty comment about her name meaning she is a gift of Christ.
(d) With a haughty comment about her name meaning she is a servant of Christ.

4. How did Monsewer choose his title?
(a) He wishes he were French.
(b) He wanted to sound sophisticated.
(c) He wanted nothing to do with anything English such as the title "mister."
(d) He grew tired of his name.

5. What does Teresa promise?
(a) To do her job.
(b) To leave.
(c) To work hard and be serious.
(d) To listen to Pat.

6. After a brief argument what does Mulleady do?
(a) He gets a shirt from Meg.
(b) He refolds his shirts.
(c) He goes to buy a new shirt.
(d) He goes without his shirt.

7. What ironic comment does Pat make, regarding what Monsewar has told him?
(a) How great it is the IRA is fighting again.
(b) How sad it is that the IRA is fighting again.
(c) How wonderful it is to be British.
(d) How he wishes the IRA would fight again.

8. About what does Mulleady complain, regarding his shirts?
(a) Meg has not folded them properly.
(b) He has no new shirts.
(c) Meg has not given him back the shirts he gave her to be laundered.
(d) His shirts are all discolored or torn.

9. Of what is Monsewer the owner?
(a) A boarding house.
(b) A restaurant and bar.
(c) A large hotel.
(d) A pub.

10. During the conversation, what does Pat comment about the fight of the IRA for independence?
(a) It has just begun.
(b) It is almost over.
(c) It is never over.
(d) It is over.

11. This story explores themes relating to what?
(a) Compassion and love.
(b) The war between the IRA and the British.
(c) The nature of imprisonment, preconception, and honor.
(d) Sin and degradation.

12. What does Pat sing?
(a) A humorous song about England.
(b) A dramatic song about the IRA.
(c) A lament about a laughing soldier killed for the Irish cause.
(d) A love song to Ireland.

13. Why do Pat and the Officer go out?
(a) To discuss plans for housing the prisoner.
(b) To retrieve the prisoner.
(c) To get away from the others.
(d) To discuss Meg and Teresa.

14. How does Pat say he lost his leg?
(a) In an automobile accident.
(b) He had it amputated after an infection.
(c) As a child.
(d) As a soldier.

15. What does the officer do when Pat says he needs to go out to get the money before he will allow the prisoner to stay?
(a) He leaves to get the money.
(b) He shoves Pat.
(c) He runs out the door.
(d) He reaches for his gun.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pat say about the tenants' money?

2. Mulleady hurries in shouting for what?

3. What do Pat and Meg say about Monsewer's history?

4. What do they do when music comes on the radio?

5. What does Monsewer think about Irish martyrs?

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