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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Teresa insist will be a shame?
(a) When the prisoner arrives.
(b) If the prisoner escapes.
(c) When the prisoner dies.
(d) If the prisoner is a kind man.

2. What serves as a transition into the first scene?
(a) A blast of bagpipes.
(b) A scream.
(c) A loud noise.
(d) A gunshot.

3. What is Monsewer doing as he comes in?
(a) Asking about the room being prepared for the soldier.
(b) Blowing the first few notes of his song on the bagpipes.
(c) Singing a sad lament.
(d) Arguing with Meg over the dinner menu.

4. About what does Mulleady complain, regarding his shirts?
(a) Meg has not folded them properly.
(b) He has no new shirts.
(c) His shirts are all discolored or torn.
(d) Meg has not given him back the shirts he gave her to be laundered.

5. The Officer says the prisoner will be arriving soon but what?
(a) He will be very disagreeable.
(b) He is injured.
(c) He may not be the only one.
(d) They have not actually captured him yet.

6. What does Meg tell Teresa about Monswer?
(a) He is a spy.
(b) He is a great man.
(c) He is a strange man.
(d) He is a horrible man.

7. What does Pat sing?
(a) A love song to Ireland.
(b) A lament about a laughing soldier killed for the Irish cause.
(c) A dramatic song about the IRA.
(d) A humorous song about England.

8. Pat comes back in with Monsewer and Meg tells him what?
(a) That the prisoner's room is prepared.
(b) What is happening to the British prisoner.
(c) What is happening to the Irish prisoner.
(d) That dinner is ready.

9. When he is finished, he and Meg talk further about what?
(a) How beautiful Ireland is.
(b) How strong and powerful is the IRA.
(c) How the IRA continued to fight even after the treaty was signed.
(d) How horrible a place England must be.

10. Of what is Pat afraid, regarding the IRA's cause?
(a) They will be too powerful.
(b) The British will not be able to overpower them.
(c) Their weapons are outdated.
(d) The will of the IRA is not strong enough.

11. What do Pat, Meg, and Monsewer discuss?
(a) The good qualities of the English.
(b) How strange Monsewer is.
(c) The merits of Irish versus English.
(d) How beautiful the French language is.

12. Why can Mulleady not leave with Miss Gilchrist?
(a) His things are still in his room.
(b) He does not want to leave.
(c) He has not paid his rent.
(d) He works at the house.

13. With what does Princess Grace come in?
(a) Her rent and news that Mulleady is a spy.
(b) Her rent and news that Mulleady has not paid his rent.
(c) Her rent and news that Mulleady has a prisoner.
(d) Her rent and news that Mulleady has a woman in his room.

14. What is the IRA?
(a) Irish Republican Army.
(b) Iranian Ruling Army.
(c) Iranian Republican Army.
(d) Irish Regency Army.

15. Why do Meg and Teresa enter the scene at this point?
(a) To speak to the Officer.
(b) To make the bed ready.
(c) To check on the Prisoner.
(d) To make sure Pat is alright.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mulleady hurries in shouting for what?

2. What does the IRA officer come in and do?

3. Why does Meg feel betrayed?

4. How does Teresa feel about Monsewer?

5. What does Meg tell Mulleady as she chases him out?

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