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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the IRA?
(a) Iranian Ruling Army.
(b) Iranian Republican Army.
(c) Irish Republican Army.
(d) Irish Regency Army.

2. What does the officer tell Meg and Teresa to do?
(a) Keep dancing.
(b) Leave the room.
(c) Stop dancing.
(d) Get his room ready.

3. This person who will soon be arriving is what?
(a) An Irish soldier.
(b) The only man of his kind.
(c) A kind man.
(d) The first of many prisoners.

4. What takes place suddenly in this story?
(a) Gun shots.
(b) Violence, music, and humor.
(c) Violence.
(d) Music.

5. As Pat comments on how pretty Teresa is, what does Meg say?
(a) He would say she would look like a whore if he was drunk.
(b) He would be better off not looking at Teresa.
(c) He sould keep his thoughts to himself.
(d) He should leave Teresa alone.

6. The Officer says the prisoner will be arriving soon but what?
(a) They have not actually captured him yet.
(b) He will be very disagreeable.
(c) He may not be the only one.
(d) He is injured.

7. When does the Soldier say those who are parted will all be brought together?
(a) When they choose peace.
(b) When they are destroyed by the H-bomb.
(c) When they die.
(d) When they move to England.

8. Of what is Pat afraid, regarding the IRA's cause?
(a) The will of the IRA is not strong enough.
(b) Their weapons are outdated.
(c) They will be too powerful.
(d) The British will not be able to overpower them.

9. During the conversation, what does Pat comment about the fight of the IRA for independence?
(a) It is almost over.
(b) It has just begun.
(c) It is never over.
(d) It is over.

10. What do Pat and Meg say about Monsewer's history?
(a) He was born in Irelnad but was English on his father's side.
(b) He was born in Ireland but was English on his mother's side.
(c) He was born in England but was Irish on his father's side.
(d) He was born in England but was Irish on his mother's side.

11. Who speaks angrily to the characters?
(a) Two narrators.
(b) Two soldiers.
(c) Two caretakers.
(d) Two prostitutes.

12. Why does Mulleady become angry at Princess Grace?
(a) For entering the room before him.
(b) For not paying his rent.
(c) For being unkind to him.
(d) For telling on him.

13. What does Meg tearfully tell him?
(a) She hopes Monsewer sells it.
(b) She may be a prostitute but she is still a patriot.
(c) She would also like it to be their home again.
(d) She tries to keep the home tidy.

14. What is Monsewer doing as he comes in?
(a) Arguing with Meg over the dinner menu.
(b) Blowing the first few notes of his song on the bagpipes.
(c) Asking about the room being prepared for the soldier.
(d) Singing a sad lament.

15. What circumstances do Meg and Pat discuss?
(a) The manipulative circumstances of the treaty's signing.
(b) Monsewer's move to Ireland as a child.
(c) The circumstances by which they came to work at this boarding house.
(d) How horrible Monsewer's mother was.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pat promise Teresa if she can keep her mouth shut?

2. What do Pat, Meg, and Monsewer discuss?

3. What does the IRA officer come in and do?

4. On what does Pat insist from the officer?

5. Mulleady hurries in shouting for what?

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