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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Officer says the prisoner will be arriving soon but what?
(a) He is injured.
(b) He will be very disagreeable.
(c) He may not be the only one.
(d) They have not actually captured him yet.

2. How does Pat say he lost his leg?
(a) As a child.
(b) He had it amputated after an infection.
(c) In an automobile accident.
(d) As a soldier.

3. What circumstances do Meg and Pat discuss?
(a) How horrible Monsewer's mother was.
(b) The manipulative circumstances of the treaty's signing.
(c) The circumstances by which they came to work at this boarding house.
(d) Monsewer's move to Ireland as a child.

4. As he comes in, the Soldier does what?
(a) Says, "Long live the Queen!"
(b) Dances an Irish jig.
(c) Sings an Irish tune.
(d) Sings a song about how good it is to be on earth.

5. Why does Meg feel betrayed?
(a) She has covered his rent before and does not want to do it again.
(b) After all she has done for him, he turns out to be a spy.
(c) After everything she said and did to defend Mulleady when he ran away with the church funds.
(d) She wanted to meet the prisoner first.

6. Why do Pat and the Officer go out?
(a) To discuss Meg and Teresa.
(b) To get away from the others.
(c) To retrieve the prisoner.
(d) To discuss plans for housing the prisoner.

7. What does Meg tearfully tell him?
(a) She hopes Monsewer sells it.
(b) She would also like it to be their home again.
(c) She may be a prostitute but she is still a patriot.
(d) She tries to keep the home tidy.

8. What does Meg say to Mulleady's complaint?
(a) He can fold his own shirts next time.
(b) She could not help it that his shirts became discolored or torn.
(c) He should go buy new shirts.
(d) Stop complaining or else she will ask for the rent money he owes.

9. What does Teresa insist will be a shame?
(a) When the prisoner dies.
(b) If the prisoner escapes.
(c) When the prisoner arrives.
(d) If the prisoner is a kind man.

10. During the conversation, what does Pat comment about the fight of the IRA for independence?
(a) It is never over.
(b) It is over.
(c) It has just begun.
(d) It is almost over.

11. Why does Meg tell Teresa to stop thinking about this person's fate?
(a) She does not care about this person.
(b) It will only make her worry more.
(c) She does not want to think about his fate.
(d) There is no need to mourn him before it becomes necessary.

12. What do Meg, Teresa and Mulleady discuss?
(a) How the Irish prisoner must be feeling.
(b) How the British prisoner must be feeling.
(c) How horrible the Officer is.
(d) How Pat could go along with this plan.

13. Pat has a long history of disagreements with whom?
(a) The IRA leadership.
(b) The English.
(c) The police.
(d) The French.

14. What does Monsewer think about Irish martyrs?
(a) He would never want to be one.
(b) He hopes he will never have to be one.
(c) He would gladly be in the same position.
(d) They are fools.

15. After a brief argument what does Mulleady do?
(a) He goes without his shirt.
(b) He gets a shirt from Meg.
(c) He goes to buy a new shirt.
(d) He refolds his shirts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mulleady reveal about his past?

2. How did Monsewer choose his title?

3. What serves as a transition into the first scene?

4. Pat comes back in with Monsewer and Meg tells him what?

5. What does the IRA officer come in and do?

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