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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why had Teresa left a convent?
(a) She had decided against becoming a nun.
(b) She had fallen in love with a student priest.
(c) She fell in love with one of the nuns.
(d) She did not find herself attractive in a habit.

2. What is Miss Gilchrist heard doing?
(a) Speaking.
(b) Laughing.
(c) Singing.
(d) Screaming.

3. When does the Soldier say those who are parted will all be brought together?
(a) When they die.
(b) When they are destroyed by the H-bomb.
(c) When they choose peace.
(d) When they move to England.

4. What does Pat promise Teresa if she can keep her mouth shut?
(a) She will not be put in jail.
(b) She will not be charged rent the next month.
(c) She can have a home there the rest of her life.
(d) She can have whatever she wants.

5. What does Pat sing?
(a) A love song to Ireland.
(b) A humorous song about England.
(c) A lament about a laughing soldier killed for the Irish cause.
(d) A dramatic song about the IRA.

6. What is the IRA?
(a) Irish Regency Army.
(b) Iranian Ruling Army.
(c) Iranian Republican Army.
(d) Irish Republican Army.

7. Why does Mulleady say Colette should not have to service the Polish sailor?
(a) He is a member of the IRA.
(b) He is a Pole.
(c) He is a Communist.
(d) He is a stranger.

8. Why do Pat and the Officer go out?
(a) To discuss plans for housing the prisoner.
(b) To get away from the others.
(c) To retrieve the prisoner.
(d) To discuss Meg and Teresa.

9. What bad pun does Teresa make?
(a) She calls French bread, a bagette, a bagel.
(b) She calls a French cigarette, a Gauloise, a gollywog.
(c) She calls French candy, bon bons, bonnie bons.
(d) She calls French fries, pommes frites, pomegranate fries.

10. What does Mulleady reveal about his past?
(a) He was once an officer.
(b) He was once in prison.
(c) He was once a policeman.
(d) He was once a spy.

11. What does Meg say to Mulleady's complaint?
(a) She could not help it that his shirts became discolored or torn.
(b) Stop complaining or else she will ask for the rent money he owes.
(c) He can fold his own shirts next time.
(d) He should go buy new shirts.

12. What ironic comment does Pat make, regarding what Monsewar has told him?
(a) How great it is the IRA is fighting again.
(b) How wonderful it is to be British.
(c) How sad it is that the IRA is fighting again.
(d) How he wishes the IRA would fight again.

13. What does Teresa insist will be a shame?
(a) When the prisoner dies.
(b) If the prisoner is a kind man.
(c) If the prisoner escapes.
(d) When the prisoner arrives.

14. What does his missing leg have to do with his conversation with Meg?
(a) She should be careful when she has an infection, or she could end up without a leg too.
(b) He cannot help that he was in a car accident and should not be teased.
(c) He should not be talked to rudely because he lost his leg as a soldier.
(d) Meg does not know the entire story surrounding his missing leg and she should be quiet.

15. About what does Pat sing?
(a) How wonderful the Brits are.
(b) How he wishes he were an Irishman.
(c) How he wonders what life is like outside of Ireland.
(d) How strong the IRA once was.

Short Answer Questions

1. Pat comes back in with Monsewer and Meg tells him what?

2. What does the officer do when Pat says he needs to go out to get the money before he will allow the prisoner to stay?

3. What does Teresa promise?

4. What do Pat and Meg talk briefly about when Monsewer leaves?

5. What does the IRA officer come in and do?

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