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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Teresa catches the Soldier looking around the room, and at first he says he is only looking for an ashtray, but then admits what?
(a) He is looking for his dinner.
(b) He might have been looking for the bathroom.
(c) He might have been looking for away to escape.
(d) He is looking for a Bible.

2. What does Miss Gilchrist think about the Royal Family?
(a) She is fond of them.
(b) She detests them.
(c) She wants to be a part of the family.
(d) She is jealous of them.

3. On what does Pat insist from the officer?
(a) A letter of recommendation.
(b) An award.
(c) A bonus check.
(d) Rent in advance.

4. What ironic comment does Pat make, regarding what Monsewar has told him?
(a) How sad it is that the IRA is fighting again.
(b) How great it is the IRA is fighting again.
(c) How he wishes the IRA would fight again.
(d) How wonderful it is to be British.

5. What does Meg tearfully tell him?
(a) She tries to keep the home tidy.
(b) She would also like it to be their home again.
(c) She hopes Monsewer sells it.
(d) She may be a prostitute but she is still a patriot.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the parade passes, what does Miss Gilchrist do to the Soldier?

2. Who are the caretakers?

3. What does Teresa insist will be a shame?

4. Who speaks angrily to the characters?

5. About what does Mulleady complain, regarding his shirts?

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