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Act 1, Part 1

• The actors dance an Irish jig in which Mulleady dances with Miss Gilchrist while two drag queens, Princess Grace and Rio Rita, dance together.

• Two prostitutes speak angrily to them, they reply angrily, and a blast of bagpipes serves as a transition into the first scene.

• Argumentative conversation between Pat and Meg reveals that the bagpipes are being played by Monsewer, practicing to play a lament for a young member of the IRA who is to be executed the following morning.

• Pat comments that the fight of the IRA for independence is over, but Meg says the IRA's cause is never over.

• Monsewer owns the house in which the play is set, that it's a boarding house where a number of prostitutes and other "degenerates" live, and that Pat and Meg are the caretakers.

• Their increasingly nasty bickering leads them to sit with their backs to...

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