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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Halmea doing with Granny in town?
(a) Granny's work along with her own.
(b) Calling her boyfriend on the phone.
(c) Things she isn't supposed to be doing.
(d) Making Lonnie what he wants for lunch.

2. How does Lonnie feel after observing the crowds in Thalia?
(a) Like a naive country bumpkin.
(b) As if he will die if he has to stay there much longer.
(c) Like the whole world is crazy.
(d) Like his town is the best in the state.

3. What does the state vet do to the ranch?
(a) Temporarily clear it for moving healthy cattle.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Tell Granddad that the cattle must be shot.
(d) Put it under quarantine.

4. What does Halmea say she wants when Lonnie asks her?
(a) A gun.
(b) A new job.
(c) Protection.
(d) Lots of money.

5. What does Hud predict about the cattle?
(a) They can be sold to Mexicans if Granddad will let him.
(b) They don't have the disease.
(c) They will be saved by the new antibiotics.
(d) They will all have to die.

6. What makes Lonnie want to travel?
(a) The bad home situation.
(b) Reading travel magazines.
(c) Listening to Jesse's stories.
(d) Hearing about WWII in Europe from Hud.

7. What does the storekeeper ignore?
(a) The boys are not from Oklahoma.
(b) Lonnie and his friends do not live in that town.
(c) The boys treat the two women with them rather roughly.
(d) Lonnie and his friends are underage.

8. Who does the state vet bring on his return to the ranch?
(a) Several technicians.
(b) The sheriff.
(c) No one.
(d) A bovine epidemiologist.

9. What happens when Lonnie's father is shooting a snake that is about to bite Lonnie's grandmother?
(a) The snake bites Lonnie's father who later dies.
(b) The bullet ricochets and kills Lonnie's mother.
(c) The bullet ricochets and kills Lonnie's father.
(d) The bullet ricochets and kills Lonnie's grandmother.

10. Why doesn't Granddad want to call the state vet?
(a) He doesn't want the government to shut him down.
(b) He hates the government.
(c) He will call the man when they find the heifer.
(d) He hasn't the money to pay the man.

11. Of what is Granddad suspicious?
(a) Of Hud giving Larry girlie magazines.
(b) What Hud was doing in town.
(c) What has happened to the heifer.
(d) About what Hud will do when his mother dies.

12. How does Granddad respond to Lonzo's suggestion?
(a) He tells everyone they don't have time to rest.
(b) He calls in another vet.
(c) He wants to wait to see the outcome.
(d) He plans to start moving the cattle to the hills the next morning.

13. Why does the storekeeper ignore the situation with Lonnie and his friends?
(a) The two women are obviously prostitutes.
(b) The Texans generally have more money.
(c) There are no cops around.
(d) They are basically good boys.

14. What does the vet want to do to a few of the cattle and horses?
(a) Shoot them and then examine their brains.
(b) Nothing yet.
(c) Take them to the state vet ranch for observation.
(d) Infect them with blood from the dead heifer.

15. What has happened to a heifer on the ranch?
(a) It has dropped dead.
(b) It ripped itself on barbed wire.
(c) It has been wounded by a wild cat.
(d) It has disappeared.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jesse do as the others return to the house?

2. Who returns as Lonnie is just getting up the next morning?

3. What does Hud reply when Granddad asks Hud's opinion of the situation?

4. What does Hud say about Halmea when Lonnie asks?

5. What did Lonzo do all night?

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