Horseman, Pass By Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Lonnie think about in the Prologue?

In the Prologue, Lonnie reminisces about his childhood on his family ranch in Texas, and how times have changed.

2. How does Lonnie feel about the new technology?

He remembers how much slower life was before the arrival of mass communication. Lonnie talks about how the transformation is evidenced in the attitudes of the young people, who are very restless, wanting to go out and experience all the excitement life has to offer. Lonnie cannot help but see how faster, more convenient technology has pushed aside the rural way of life, changing things forever.

3. Describe Lonnie's family members who live at the ranch.

Young Lonnie is seventeen and lives with his grandparents and uncle on the family ranch. Granddad is old and has patience that comes from many years of doing the same slow, hard work. Granny is old and crabby, and always finds something about which to complain. Granny has a son from a previous marriage named Hud. Hud works on the farm and is very good at what he does, but he is belligerent most of the time and likes to tease anyone who shows weakness.

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