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Granddad's Ranch

This is where most of the story line takes place in rural Texas.


Ten miles away from the Bannon ranch, this is the nearest town.

Fort Worth

This is the only city that Lonnie has ever visited.

Hoof-and-Mouth Disease

An extremely contagious affliction, this usually affects farm animals, primarily cattle.

Halmea's House

The cook lives here until Hud attacks her.

Chinese Checkers

This is played with marbles instead of flat discs.

The Church

On the day of Granddad's funeral, this is filled with people who pretend that they were Granddad's friends.

The Rodeo

Every year, this comes to Thalia bringing noise and merriment to the quiet town for four days.


After quitting her job at the ranch, Halmea goes here to start over.

Granddad's Herd

This represents most of what Granddad has accomplished in his life.


After Hermy is stepped on by a...

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