Horseman, Pass By Character Descriptions

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Lonnie Bannon

This character is a young man of seventeen, growing up in rural Texas in the 1950s.

Homer Bannon (Granddad)

This character seems like a kind, good man from his treatment of Lonnie and his cattle.


This character is Granddad's stepson, and Lonnie's uncle by marriage.


This character is a grouchy old lady, and Lonnie's step-grandmother.


This character is the African-American cook, who lives out back in a tiny house.


This character is a drifter who has allowed alcohol to ruin his life.


This character is a hired hand, who is a bad cowboy and both lazy and stupid.


This character gets stepped on by a bull the first time he tries riding in the rodeo.

Jimmy Burris

This character is the state veterinarian who is called in to look at the cattle.

Newt Garrett

This character is the first vet...

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