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Short Answer Questions

1. What news did Aravis bring to the companions?

2. How does Aravis react to Bree?

3. What does Aslan tell Aravis when she asks about her stepmother's slave?

4. What, according to the author, is often the reward of doing a good deed?

5. Why did the Lion chase Bree and Hwin on the night they met?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the Centaur say about Prince Cor?

2. How is Bree changed from the way he was at the beginning of the story?

3. How does the Prince Rabadash plan to gain Queen Susan's hand in marriage?

4. Why is the Tisroc reluctant to send his army to Narnia?

5. What did the Lion do for Shasta when he was a baby?

6. Why doesn't Shasta yell at Bree to gallop faster?

7. How does the Hermit know about events that take place far away?

8. Why did Aravis get angry with herself after awaking up?

9. Why is Bree so sure that Prince Rabadash hasn't left for Archenland yet?

10. How does Shasta convince himself that he didn't dream about the Lion?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In this story, four companions are trying to find freedom, even though only two of them can really be considered slaves, and one of them is an upperclass lady. Write an essay that explores the concepts of Freedom and Slavery in The Horse and His Boy.

Essay Topic 2

Write a character analysis for one of the following characters. Be sure to include their key events in the story, major characteristics, and whether or not they changed during the journey:

a) Shasta

b) Aravis

c) Bree

d) Hwin

Essay Topic 3

C.S. Lewis uses very vivid descriptions of the various people and places in his stories. Write an essay that examines his use of imagery in this book.

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