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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Aravis disappointed when the prince leaves the room?
(a) The prince isn't as clever as she thought he was.
(b) The other men remain and she can't move yet.
(c) She thought the prince was very handsome.
(d) She realizes she'll never marry Ahoshta.

2. What causes the horses to run faster?
(a) Shasta tells Bree to hurry up.
(b) They see the towers of Anvard ahead.
(c) They reach a level grassy plain.
(d) They hear a lion roaring behind them.

3. What do the Narnians hear as they approach Anvard?
(a) The twang of long bows firing
(b) Women screaming in horror
(c) The shouts of the fighting soldiers
(d) A battering ram hitting the gate

4. How many men does the Prince propose taking to Narnia?
(a) Two thousand
(b) Five hundred
(c) Two hundred
(d) Three hundred

5. How do Prince Cor and Aravis react when realize that they've both spoken to Aslan?
(a) They become still and solemn.
(b) They get embarrassed and red.
(c) They smile at each other.
(d) They are very surprised.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the Lion chase Bree and Hwin on the night they met?

2. Where did the companions stop to rest during the day?

3. How does Lasaraleen react after the Tisroc leaves?

4. What surprising thing does King Lune do when Corin introduces Shasta?

5. The Narnian army includes:

Short Essay Questions

1. Why doesn't Shasta yell at Bree to gallop faster?

2. What is the strangest thing about the Hermit?

3. How does King Lune react to Shasta's news about Prince Rabadash's army?

4. What is the only thing Prince Cor wishes he knew about his kidnapping?

5. What decision does Shasta make after the Calormene army passes him?

6. What does Shasta tell himself as the battle starts?

7. What does Prince Corin persuade Shasta to do?

8. Why does the Hermit say that Prince Rabadash should have called off the attack?

9. Why is the Tisroc reluctant to send his army to Narnia?

10. How does the Prince Rabadash plan to gain Queen Susan's hand in marriage?

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