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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news did Aravis bring to the companions?
(a) She told them about Prince Rabadash's plan.
(b) She said that the desert could not be crossed.
(c) She invited them to stay with Lasaraleen.
(d) She told them that they were being followed.

2. Why are the eagles circling overhead?
(a) They are spies for the Narnians
(b) The marching disturbed them
(c) They are anticipating the battle
(d) In order to drop small bombs

3. The banner of the Narnian army consists of:
(a) A yellow faun on a brown background
(b) A white unicorn on a black background
(c) A red lion on a green background
(d) A silver eagle on a blue background

4. How does the Grand Vizier say the Narnians will react to the prince's plan?
(a) They will despise the prince for invading without issuing a challenge.
(b) They will immediately hand over Queen Susan rather than risk a battle.
(c) They will excuse his behavior because it is based on love for Queen Susan.
(d) They will cower and run away when they see the army advancing on them.

5. How many men does the Prince propose taking to Narnia?
(a) Two thousand
(b) Three hundred
(c) Two hundred
(d) Five hundred

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lord Darrin compliment Shasta on?

2. Who does Prince Cor turn out to be?

3. What does Shasta feel while waiting to start approaching the castle?

4. How does the Prince react to the Grand Vizier's advice?

5. What is the most notable thing that Shasta does in the battle?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the Tisroc reluctant to send his army to Narnia?

2. What does the Centaur say about Prince Cor?

3. Why did Aslan injure Aravis?

4. What does Shasta tell King Edmund?

5. What does the Tisroc say he'll do if the Prince's plan fails?

6. How long did it take for the companions to journey from the Tombs to the valley?

7. What is the advantage to the Tisroc if Prince Rabadash's plan succeeds?

8. Why doesn't Shasta yell at Bree to gallop faster?

9. Why does King Lune refuse to let Prince Rabadash duel King Edmund?

10. What does the lion do to Aravis?

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