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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who carries Shasta's message to Cair Paravel?
(a) Duffle the Dwarf
(b) Chervy the Stag
(c) Cleareye the Eagle
(d) Marvin the Magpie

2. Why is Aravis disappointed when the prince leaves the room?
(a) The prince isn't as clever as she thought he was.
(b) She thought the prince was very handsome.
(c) She realizes she'll never marry Ahoshta.
(d) The other men remain and she can't move yet.

3. What does Queen Lucy say about Prince Corin and Shasta?
(a) That they will make twice as much mischief
(b) That she's surprised they get along so well
(c) That they should wait here with the dwarves
(d) That they are as alike as twins

4. How did Prince Cor fulfill the prophecy made at his birth?
(a) By warning King Lune about the attack
(b) By growing up in a foreign land
(c) By rescuing two Talking Horses from slavery
(d) By making friends with a Tarkheena

5. How does the Grand Vizier say the Narnians will react to the prince's plan?
(a) They will immediately hand over Queen Susan rather than risk a battle.
(b) They will excuse his behavior because it is based on love for Queen Susan.
(c) They will cower and run away when they see the army advancing on them.
(d) They will despise the prince for invading without issuing a challenge.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Prince Cor ask Aravis to do?

2. What is the most notable thing that Shasta does in the battle?

3. What does Hwin do when she realizes Rabadash has crossed the desert?

4. Before traveling into Narnia, Bree and Hwin decide to

5. What, according to the author, is often the reward of doing a good deed?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does King Lune refuse to let Prince Rabadash duel King Edmund?

2. What decision does Shasta make after the Calormene army passes him?

3. What did the Lion do for Shasta when he was a baby?

4. What do the companions realize when they see Prince Rabadash's army behind them?

5. What is the advantage to the Tisroc if Prince Rabadash's plan succeeds?

6. What does the Centaur say about Prince Cor?

7. How does the author describe Aslan?

8. What does Shasta tell King Edmund?

9. How does Shasta convince himself that he didn't dream about the Lion?

10. Why did Aslan injure Aravis?

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