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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the first animal Shasta meets in Narnia?
(a) A Beaver
(b) A Hoot Owl
(c) A Hedgehog
(d) A large Mouse

2. What does Shasta see when he looks back towards Tashbaan?
(a) Three circling vultures
(b) The spires of the city
(c) Only the unbroken desert
(d) A smoky-looking cloud

3. What is the most notable thing that Shasta does in the battle?
(a) He wounds an enemy soldier.
(b) He is wounded by a spear.
(c) He cuts off someone's head.
(d) He falls off his horse.

4. Which of the companions urges the most for speed after they reach the valley?
(a) Shasta
(b) Hwin
(c) Bree
(d) Aravis

5. How does the Prince react to the Grand Vizier's advice?
(a) He listens to the advice and thanks him.
(b) He listen to the Grand Vizier, but disagrees.
(c) He kicks him in the behind several times.
(d) He puts his hands over his ears and hums.

6. What does the Lion call himself?
(a) Aslan
(b) Emperor
(c) Myself
(d) No one special

7. What do the Narnians hear as they approach Anvard?
(a) The shouts of the fighting soldiers
(b) The twang of long bows firing
(c) A battering ram hitting the gate
(d) Women screaming in horror

8. What pace does Bree suggest for their journey?
(a) Slow and steady, that's the trick
(b) As fast as the wind can blow
(c) Gallop for a night and a day
(d) Brisk trots and short walks

9. What does Shasta hear behind him when he reaches the crossroads?
(a) The horns of King Lune's party
(b) The sound of a wild animal
(c) Someone breathing very loudly
(d) Prince Rabadash's army

10. Why couldn't Shasta walk across the desert?
(a) He had no shoes to protect his feet from the heat.
(b) He sprained his ankle while waiting for the others.
(c) He cut his foot on a rock during the night.
(d) He was busy looking for signs of the valley.

11. What does the Hermit compare Aravis' wound to?
(a) Knife wounds
(b) Whip marks
(c) Mere scratches
(d) Animal bites

12. The Narnian army includes:
(a) Several talking mice
(b) A few Calormene soldiers
(c) Large wild cats
(d) Black and white cows

13. How does the author describe Prince Rabadash in this chapter?
(a) Sulky
(b) Confident
(c) Suave
(d) Tearful

14. Why did the Lion chase Bree and Hwin on the night they met?
(a) To keep them separate
(b) To force them together
(c) To keep them from danger
(d) It was very hungry

15. What happens to Thornbut's armor?
(a) It gets dented in the duel.
(b) Duffle uses it to fight in the battle.
(c) Prince Corin buys it for Shasta.
(d) Shasta wears it as a disguise.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Aslan leave?

2. What does Hwin do when she realizes Rabadash has crossed the desert?

3. What happens to the Lion's footprint?

4. Why are the eagles circling overhead?

5. One reason the Tisroc agrees to the Prince's plan is that:

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