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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lasaraleen react after the Tisroc leaves?
(a) She wants Aravis to help her warn the Prince.
(b) She finds the Tisroc's attitude disgusting.
(c) She is determined to help Aravis escape that night.
(d) She wants to go back to her house immediately.

2. What marks the southern boundary of Archenland?
(a) A ridge of tall mountains
(b) The edge of the desert
(c) The Winding Arrow River
(d) The peak of Mount Pire

3. What does the prince intend to do with his army?
(a) Lead a raid against the giants
(b) Conquer the land of Narnia
(c) Seize the country of Archenland
(d) Kill King Edmund at Cair Paravel

4. What is the most notable thing that Prince Corin does in the battle?
(a) He saves Shasta's life.
(b) He captures a Tarkaan general.
(c) He kills an enemy soldier.
(d) He seizes the Calormene flag.

5. How did Prince Cor fulfill the prophecy made at his birth?
(a) By growing up in a foreign land
(b) By rescuing two Talking Horses from slavery
(c) By making friends with a Tarkheena
(d) By warning King Lune about the attack

6. How do Prince Cor and Aravis react when realize that they've both spoken to Aslan?
(a) They smile at each other.
(b) They become still and solemn.
(c) They are very surprised.
(d) They get embarrassed and red.

7. One reason the Tisroc agrees to the Prince's plan is that:
(a) The Tisroc wants Queen Susan for a daughter-in-law.
(b) It will keep the Narnians from invading Calormen.
(c) He is hoping that the Prince will die in battle.
(d) It distracts the Prince from plotting against the Tisroc.

8. How does Aravis react to Bree?
(a) She offers to go back to Calormen with him.
(b) She reminds him that he is a great warhorse.
(c) She tells Bree that he's being silly.
(d) She says she was just as bad as he was.

9. The dwarves feed Shasta food he's never seen before. What is it?
(a) Cottage cheese
(b) Buttered toast
(c) Oatmeal
(d) Fried kippers

10. What do the Narnians hear as they approach Anvard?
(a) A battering ram hitting the gate
(b) The twang of long bows firing
(c) Women screaming in horror
(d) The shouts of the fighting soldiers

11. The Narnian army includes:
(a) A few Calormene soldiers
(b) Black and white cows
(c) Large wild cats
(d) Several talking mice

12. How does the King react to Shasta?
(a) He is concerned for Shasta's health.
(b) He is alarmed at Shasta's appearance.
(c) He thinks that Shasta is a poacher.
(d) He mistakes Shasta for Prince Corin.

13. What does Prince Cor ask Aravis to do?
(a) Marry him when they get older
(b) To come and meet the dwarves
(c) Tell King Lune about their travels
(d) Come live with him at Anvard

14. Why don't Prince Cor and Aravis ride the horses to Anvard?
(a) It's only about half a mile away
(b) Because one doesn't ride a Talking Horse in Narnia or Arkenland
(c) They no longer have saddles and bridles
(d) They want to prolong the journey

15. What causes the horses to run faster?
(a) They see the towers of Anvard ahead.
(b) They hear a lion roaring behind them.
(c) They reach a level grassy plain.
(d) Shasta tells Bree to hurry up.

Short Answer Questions

1. What, according to the author, is often the reward of doing a good deed?

2. What does Bree say that it means when Aslan is described as a lion?

3. On the way to the castle, Bree

4. What, according to the context of this chapter, is a punt?

5. Who is the first animal Shasta meets in Narnia?

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