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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Bree so ashamed of himself?
(a) Because Bree took too long traveling
(b) Because Bree had been a slave for years
(c) Because Bree couldn't finish the mission
(d) Because Shasta acted more bravely

2. When did the horses finally stop for the night?
(a) After Hwin collapsed
(b) When Shasta told them to
(c) When they reached a pool
(d) When they found a small shed

3. What is Shasta told to do?
(a) Wait in the garden
(b) Clean out the goat pen
(c) Sit down and eat some food
(d) Keep running straight ahead

4. What surprising thing does King Lune do when Corin introduces Shasta?
(a) He hugs and kisses Shasta.
(b) He looks at Shasta and laughs.
(c) He turns white and faints.
(d) He slaps Corin in the face.

5. What is the most notable thing that Prince Corin does in the battle?
(a) He kills an enemy soldier.
(b) He seizes the Calormene flag.
(c) He captures a Tarkaan general.
(d) He saves Shasta's life.

6. What advice did the Hermit give to Bree?
(a) To realize that he's nobody special in Narnia
(b) To apologize to Shasta and the others
(c) To start living up to his great reputation
(d) To always finish what he sets out to do

7. Why does Bree want to wait before going to Narnia?
(a) He likes the Hermit and wants to stay with him.
(b) He thinks it would be nicer to arrive in fall.
(c) He wants to redeem himself for his cowardice.
(d) He wants to wait until his tail grows out.

8. What does Queen Lucy say about Prince Corin and Shasta?
(a) That they will make twice as much mischief
(b) That they are as alike as twins
(c) That they should wait here with the dwarves
(d) That she's surprised they get along so well

9. How does the Grand Vizier say the Narnians will react to the prince's plan?
(a) They will despise the prince for invading without issuing a challenge.
(b) They will immediately hand over Queen Susan rather than risk a battle.
(c) They will excuse his behavior because it is based on love for Queen Susan.
(d) They will cower and run away when they see the army advancing on them.

10. How did Prince Cor fulfill the prophecy made at his birth?
(a) By warning King Lune about the attack
(b) By making friends with a Tarkheena
(c) By rescuing two Talking Horses from slavery
(d) By growing up in a foreign land

11. Although King Lune scolds Corin, it's obvious that he really feels
(a) Concern
(b) Impatience
(c) Confusion
(d) Pride

12. How do Prince Cor and Aravis react when realize that they've both spoken to Aslan?
(a) They become still and solemn.
(b) They are very surprised.
(c) They get embarrassed and red.
(d) They smile at each other.

13. Who carries Shasta's message to Cair Paravel?
(a) Cleareye the Eagle
(b) Duffle the Dwarf
(c) Chervy the Stag
(d) Marvin the Magpie

14. What does Hwin say to Aslan?
(a) She asks why Aslan acts so cruelly.
(b) That Aslan may eat her if he likes.
(c) She tells Aslan to go away.
(d) That she is very afraid of Aslan.

15. What did Shasta know about traveling across the desert?
(a) That they could avoid Prince Rabadash by traveling west
(b) That it would take three whole days to cross the desert
(c) That the best route goes northwest, rather than north
(d) That there's an oasis they can stop at, halfway across

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Aravis react to Bree?

2. What does Bree say that it means when Aslan is described as a lion?

3. Who does Prince Cor turn out to be?

4. What happens to Thornbut's armor?

5. What does the Lion call himself?

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