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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does King Edmund ask Queen Susan?
(a) Whether she is ready to go back to Narnia.
(b) Whether or not she wants to marry Prince Rabadash.
(c) How she managed to lose Prince Corin.
(d) Why she wanted to come to Calormen so badly.

2. What is the first thing Shasta does when he wakes up in the morning?
(a) He looks for a place to take shelter.
(b) He walks all the way around the Tombs.
(c) He goes to find something to eat.
(d) He makes a line pointing to Mount Pire.

3. What, according to Aravis, happened to the slave girl she drugged?
(a) The girl was probably beaten for sleeping late.
(b) She was sold to another family in the South.
(c) She woke up and betrayed Aravis to her stepmother.
(d) She stole away after Aravis left the house.

4. Who is really leading the companions through the city?
(a) Aravis
(b) A guard
(c) Shasta
(d) Bree

5. What causes the horses to gallop side-by-side?
(a) Their riders steer them together.
(b) They are both being chased by a lion.
(c) The road becomes narrower and narrower.
(d) They recognize each other as friends.

6. What do the boys realize about each other?
(a) That they are friends.
(b) That they hate each other.
(c) That they are related.
(d) They should stay together.

7. Where is Tashbaan located?
(a) At the crossroads of two long roads
(b) On a broad plain of yellow grass
(c) In a valley surrounded by hills
(d) On an island in a broad river

8. How does Prince Corin return?
(a) He climbs in through the window.
(b) Mr. Tumnus brings him from the garden.
(c) He is brought back by two guards.
(d) He sneaks in through the door.

9. What is Bree's assessment of Shasta as a rider?
(a) He asks Shasta to stop gripping so hard with his knees.
(b) He says Shasta is a natural horseman.
(c) He says Shasta is almost as good as the Tarkaan.
(d) He compares Shasta to a potato sack.

10. How did Bree end up as a warhorse?
(a) He was stolen from Narnia as a colt.
(b) He was raised in the Tisroc's stables from birth.
(c) He was bought by the stranger in the south.
(d) He decided to seek his fortune as war.

11. Who comes up with the escape plan?
(a) Mr. Tumnus
(b) Shasta
(c) King Edmund
(d) Queen Susan

12. Who does Shasta find when he reaches the tombs?
(a) Aravis
(b) Bree and Hwin
(c) No one
(d) Prince Corin

13. How does Shasta feel about traveling with the two strangers?
(a) He gets sulky and rude, especially to Aravis
(b) He's happy to have company along for the journey
(c) He's grateful to travel with someone who can fight
(d) He's afraid they'll be more conspicuous now

14. What did Aravis tell her father she wanted to do?
(a) Visit her cousin in the city to buy clothes for the wedding.
(b) Prepare for her marriage by spending three days in the woods.
(c) Go immediately to meet her new husband in the city.
(d) Travel south to a temple to sacrifice a lamb to the Gods.

15. Who attends the council along with the Tisroc and Prince Rabadash?
(a) The Grand Vizier
(b) Aravis's father
(c) The Tisroc's wife
(d) The Tisroc's General

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the signal for the gates to open?

2. What disguise does Aravis wear in the Tisroc's palace?

3. What is a scimitar?

4. Why does Prince Corin get angry at Shasta?

5. What does Shasta do when he is told to leave?

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