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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Bree end up as a warhorse?
(a) He was raised in the Tisroc's stables from birth.
(b) He decided to seek his fortune as war.
(c) He was bought by the stranger in the south.
(d) He was stolen from Narnia as a colt.

2. Where is Tashbaan located?
(a) At the crossroads of two long roads
(b) On a broad plain of yellow grass
(c) On an island in a broad river
(d) In a valley surrounded by hills

3. How does Lasaraleen react to the Tisroc's presence?
(a) She is ashamed of Aravis.
(b) She is frightened.
(c) She runs up to him immediately.
(d) She is pleased to see him.

4. What does King Edmund ask Queen Susan?
(a) Whether she is ready to go back to Narnia.
(b) Why she wanted to come to Calormen so badly.
(c) How she managed to lose Prince Corin.
(d) Whether or not she wants to marry Prince Rabadash.

5. How long does Shasta stay at the tombs before the others show up?
(a) A night and a day
(b) Two days
(c) Three days
(d) One night

6. Aravis sent a letter to her father. Who supposedly wrote it?
(a) Aravis's stepmother
(b) Her friend, Lasaraleen
(c) A priestess of Zardeenah
(d) Ahoshta Tarkaan

7. Why does the cat scratch Shasta?
(a) Shasta pushes the cat away from his back.
(b) Shasta talks about throwing stones at a stray cat.
(c) The cat is frightened by the howls in the dark.
(d) Shasta tries to make the cat stay in one place.

8. Who does Shasta find when he reaches the tombs?
(a) Bree and Hwin
(b) No one
(c) Prince Corin
(d) Aravis

9. What didn't Shasta learn about riding from Bree
(a) How to mount a horse
(b) How to trot, canter, and gallop
(c) How to grip with his knees
(d) How to use the reins

10. What does the Raven Sallowpad tell King Edmund?
(a) That the Tisroc's army is smaller than they thought
(b) That the wall between the lands is crumbling
(c) There is a way for the Tisroc's army to cross the desert
(d) That Prince Rabadash is leaving the next day

11. What is the name of the country where Shasta is living?
(a) England
(b) Archenland
(c) Narnia
(d) Calormen

12. What does Shasta see beyond the river and gardens?
(a) The desert and distant mountains
(b) A vast army of Calormene soldiers
(c) A road going off into the distance
(d) A large delta and marshlands

13. How do Aravis and Lasaraleen know that the Tisroc is heading towards them?
(a) They hear horns announcing his entrance.
(b) They see two slaves walking backwards.
(c) They recognize the Tisroc's face.
(d) They hear him shouting at a slave.

14. What did Aravis tell her father she wanted to do?
(a) Visit her cousin in the city to buy clothes for the wedding.
(b) Prepare for her marriage by spending three days in the woods.
(c) Travel south to a temple to sacrifice a lamb to the Gods.
(d) Go immediately to meet her new husband in the city.

15. What was Aravis's first reaction to her family's plans?
(a) She tried to kill herself.
(b) She ran away from home.
(c) She tried to reason with her father.
(d) She wept for an entire day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a scimitar?

2. What does Mr. Tumnus think has happened to Shasta?

3. What does Shasta do when he is told to leave?

4. What happens to Shasta in the city?

5. Before he met Bree, Shasta's riding was limited to

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