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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, Aravis in Tashbaan.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lasaraleen tell Aravis about her father?
(a) That he is in town and asking about Aravis.
(b) That he has become the Tisroc's new Grand Vizier.
(c) That he has fallen sick with worry about Aravis.
(d) That he has died and her stepmother inherited his money.

2. What is a scimitar?
(a) A special kind of saddle
(b) A head covering
(c) A short, curved sword
(d) A rank in the Calormene army

3. Why did Shasta laugh at Bree?
(a) Bree made a joke about the Calormene.
(b) Bree's face looked funny when he was scared.
(c) Bree looked funny rolling on his back.
(d) Shasta thought Bree's accent was humorous.

4. Before he met Bree, Shasta's riding was limited to
(a) A pony ride at the fair.
(b) Playing with his hobby horse.
(c) Occasional trips on the donkey.
(d) His imagination.

5. How does Lasaraleen react to the Tisroc's presence?
(a) She is ashamed of Aravis.
(b) She is frightened.
(c) She runs up to him immediately.
(d) She is pleased to see him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Shasta find so surprising about Bree?

2. How does Prince Corin return?

3. Aravis sent a letter to her father. Who supposedly wrote it?

4. What is the name of the country where Shasta is living?

5. What, according to Aravis, happened to the slave girl she drugged?

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