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Rabadash the Ridiculous

Write an account of Rabadash's reign from the point of view of a Calormene historian.

Life of a Horse

What is it like being a horse in a strange country? Write two or three journal entries from Bree or Hwin's point of view right after they were brought to Calormen.

Story Map

Create a map showing Shasta and Bree's journey from the fisherman's shack to Archenland and Narnia. Label the important events from the story on your map.

Portrait of a King

Paint the royal portait of Cor once he becomes king. Include symbolic representations in the painting of his early adventures.

Calormene Fashionplates

What exactly does a fine Taarkina wear? Create paper dolls of Lasaraleena and Aravis, and create outfits for them to wear on different occasions (including running away in disguise).

Sounds of the City

Create a soundscape for Tashbaan. Use music, sound...

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