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Essay Topic 1

What does it mean that Bree won't let Shasta hold the reins to his bridle? What does that say about Bree and about Shasta as characters? Use examples from the text to support your conclusion.

Essay Topic 2

In this fantasy story, there are magical beings and there are beings who use magic. And there are humans. Why do you think the author chose to keep the humans non-magical?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay comparing the character and adventures of Shasta with one of the following mythic/fantasy heroes:

a) Luke Skywalker

b) Harry Potter

c) Hercules

d) Frodo Baggins

e) Dorothy Gale

Essay Topic 4

Write a character analysis for one of the following characters. Be sure to include their key events in the story, major characteristics, and whether or not they changed during the journey:

a) Shasta

b) Aravis

c) Bree

d) Hwin

Essay Topic 5


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