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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hornblower think to himself about Bush?
(a) Hornblower does not think of any of his crew once he's onboard Princess.
(b) Hornblower not likely to meet Bush again.
(c) Bush is going to be a real asset to Meadows.
(d) Bush is not going to like this new captain.

2. Who is Prowse?
(a) The sailing master on the Hotspur.
(b) Baddlestone's source of information.
(c) The cook on board the Hotspur.
(d) The judge at the court martial.

3. What does Baddlestone ask of Hornblower immediately upon Hornblower's arrival on the Princess?
(a) If Hornblower needed to use the head.
(b) If Hornblower could climb the riggings.
(c) If Hornblower would like dinner.
(d) Hornblower's warrant.

4. How do Hornblower's men send him off?
(a) With a rousing cheer and song.
(b) With a gift of a sword.
(c) They don't even notice he is leaving.
(d) A few hurried handshakes.

5. Why does Baddlestone agree to Hornblower's plan?
(a) He has not better plan.
(b) He trusts Hornblower.
(c) He fears the loss of his ship.
(d) He is coerced.

Short Answer Questions

1. Into what has Hornblower made the crew of the Hotspur?

2. Where does Hotspur run aground?

3. Now where is the French fleet headed?

4. What is Calder's assignment?

5. To whom is Hornblower wishing luck at the opening of the novel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the Princess ride so roughly?

2. What are Hornblower's quarters like aboard the Princess?

3. What bothers Hornblower about what Baddlestone tells Hornblower?

4. What does Baddlestone say about the strategic situation between Villeneuve's fleet and that of Nelson's fleet?

5. What does Hornblower inform Baddlestone and what is Baddlestone's response?

6. Why doesn't the Princess set sail immediately for England and how do the naval officers respond?

7. What turns out to be a real challenge for Hornblower in leaving the Hotspur and what does he do?

8. What is the outcome of Meadows' court martial?

9. Describe Hornblower's leave-taking from the crew of the Hotspur.

10. How do the English plan on destroying Villeneuve's fleet?

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