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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does the court martial last?
(a) 10 hours.
(b) 3 hours.
(c) 3 days.
(d) 15 minutes.

2. What is Hornblower's special duty?
(a) To signal the moment by moment account of the court martial.
(b) To guard McCool.
(c) He is not given a special duty.
(d) To join the prize crew.

3. What impresses Marsden about Hornblower?
(a) Hornblower's keen insight.
(b) Hornblower's intelligence and powers of observation.
(c) Hornblower's connections.
(d) Hornblower's willingness to do what needs to be done.

4. What is the name of the French brig prize?
(a) Josephine.
(b) La Fortres.
(c) Papillion.
(d) Epérance.

5. What is Hornblower contemplating as he leaves the admiralty?
(a) That he may not return to England.
(b) How to invest his bonus pay.
(c) That he is going to be a spy.
(d) That he will be receiving his own command.

6. What follows after Hornblower is shown leaving the admiralty?
(a) A look at how the orders are forged.
(b) Hornblower saying goodbye to Maria.
(c) An author's note.
(d) How he gets to see Villeneuve.

7. Where does Hornblower go before leaving the French brig?
(a) To the topmast.
(b) To the bridge.
(c) To the Captain's quarters.
(d) To the poop deck.

8. What do the men confined below decks do?
(a) Set fire to the ship.
(b) Start shooting through the deck and disable the tiller.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Pound on the door.

9. What skill does Hornblower mention that he possesses?
(a) Speaking Spanish.
(b) Speaking German.
(c) Spying.
(d) Speaking French.

10. Who is Reverend Doctor Claudius?
(a) A forger.
(b) Napoleon's personal physician.
(c) A minister.
(d) A doctor of considerable renown.

11. What does Hornblower suggest could be used from the document?
(a) That the seal and signature could be copied and false orders created.
(b) That they could use Josephine's signature to make Napoleon doubt her.
(c) That they could use Napoleon's signature to create a false treaty that would then be circulated.
(d) That they could set up an ambush at the location mentioned.

12. With what is the document sealed that Hornblower delivered to the Admiralty?
(a) The emblem of the Duke of Muscovy.
(b) The document is not sealed.
(c) A seal that Napoleon has not used for several years.
(d) The newest seals of the empire.

13. Why does Baddlestone turn the papers over to Hornblower?
(a) Baddlestone does not know how to go about getting them to the right people.
(b) Baddlestone suggests that Hornblower will gain prestige by presenting them.
(c) Baddlestone does not want to deal with them.
(d) Baddlestone is afraid of getting pressed into service.

14. What does Hornblower order the men to do to the French brig?
(a) Destroy it as much as possible.
(b) Set it afire.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Sink it.

15. What does Hornblower debate about doing?
(a) Drugging McCool so he does not have to be nervous at his hanging.
(b) Letting McCool escape.
(c) How to keep McCool from making a speech at his hanging.
(d) Giving McCool the means of suicide.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the sentence passed upon McCool?

2. What happens when Hornblower is ushered into the waiting room for the admiralty?

3. Who is O'Shaughnessy?

4. When is McCool hanged?

5. What does Baddlestone do to the French sailors who are pouring out from below deck?

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