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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hornblower do after his testimony at the court martial?
(a) Gets a boat over to the Shannon to visit his cousin.
(b) Stays on the ship of the line to await a verdict.
(c) Goes to Admiral Leighton's vessel to chat with the Admiral.
(d) Returns to the Princess.

2. What is the approximate age of Hotspur's new captain?
(a) Close to 70.
(b) Mid-30s.
(c) Very young.
(d) Middle age.

3. What is the verdict for Bush?
(a) He is cleared.
(b) Innocent but he should have intervened.
(c) They do not adjudicate Bush.
(d) Guilty.

4. Why can't Baddlestone or his men be pressed?
(a) They are under naval contract.
(b) They are not English citizens.
(c) They have paid the right people.
(d) They have already served their time.

5. What horrifies Hornblower about what Baddlestone says?
(a) That Baddlestone says the British haven't a prayer against the superior French ships.
(b) That Baddlestone seems so indifferent to the situation.
(c) That Baddlestone is so disrespectful to an officer of the British navy.
(d) That vital, strategic information is common knowledge.

6. Who is commanding the French fleet that recently escapes from the Mediterranean?
(a) Gaudet.
(b) Villeneuve.
(c) Lafayette.
(d) Napoleon III.

7. With what do the men arm themselves?
(a) Mostly pistols and one repeating rifle.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Whatever they can find.
(d) Pistols, swords, bayonets and staffs.

8. What do Hornblower and Bush both desire to avoid while saying their goodbyes?
(a) Acknowledging why Hornblower is leaving.
(b) Letting the crew thing the two men are friends.
(c) Bringing up some past unpleasantness.
(d) Sentiment.

9. Why does the Princess finally head for England?
(a) Baddlestone gets tired of waiting for the fleet.
(b) Baddlestone is tired of his passengers.
(c) She gets a fair wind.
(d) Admiral Calder orders them to do so.

10. How does Bush react to Hornblower's teasing?
(a) With his own teasing.
(b) Angry.
(c) Apologetic.
(d) With umbrage.

11. Where does Hornblower invite Meadows to receive the ship's papers?
(a) On the bridge.
(b) Aft away from the water transfer activity.
(c) On the poop deck.
(d) In the captain's quarters.

12. Why does the Princess ride high in the water?
(a) Because the hull is narrow.
(b) Because the captain has the sails set for speed.
(c) Because it has no cargo.
(d) Because it's trim is set that way.

13. When does Baddlestone receive the news of the court martial verdict?
(a) Within an hour after Hornblower leaves the court.
(b) Two days later.
(c) Later that evening.
(d) He does not.

14. What is positive about the cabin?
(a) It is exceedingly comfortable.
(b) It is private.
(c) It has a breeze wafting through it.
(d) It is large.

15. To whom is Hornblower wishing luck at the opening of the novel?
(a) Admireal Cornwald.
(b) No one.
(c) Admiral Nelson.
(d) Lieutenant Bush.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is vital to keeping Bonaparte from crossing the English Channel?

2. What is Calder's assignment?

3. Where are the officers of the Hotspur going?

4. What does Meadows call Baddlestone?

5. Who interrupts Meadows reading his orders?

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