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This is a sloop-of-war with a fairly shallow draft and light armament and is assigned to the Channel Fleet.


This is a water-hoy, or fresh water resupply ship, running fresh water between England and the Channel Fleet.


This French brig chases and brings Princess to bay.

Canister Shot

Baddlestone loads a nine-pounder cannon with this and fires it down the main hatch.

Captured French Documents

After storming Guêpe, Hornblower raids the dead captain's cabin and seizes these.

Sea Fencibles

This is a naval force which operated to protect England from invasion by France during the Napoleonic Wars.


This is a Spanish port town where Hornblower was imprisoned for two years as a midshipman.


This is the seventy-four gun ship-of-the-line upon which Hornblower is the most-junior lieutenant.

McCool's Sea-chest

This is built of apparently solid slabs of mahogany and its lid is...

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