Hornblower During the Crisis Character Descriptions

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Horatio Hornblower

This character joins the Royal Navy at the age of seventeen, entering as a midshipman and thereafter climbed through the ranks rapidly, as a lieutenant, commander, captain, and finally admiral.

William Bush

This character is a large man, and incredibly powerful and relishes combat and physical danger and finds excitement in fighting and looks forward to it.

James Percival Meadows, Esq.

This character replaces Hornblower as commander of Hotspur at the opening of the novel.


This character is the captain of Princess and owns more than half of the vessel.

Secretary Marsden and Assistant Secretary Barrow

These characters are the constant power behind the changing Sea Lords of the Admiralty.

Reverend Doctor Claudius

This character is a priest and putative medical doctor, and also is a supremely capable forger.

Barry Ignatius McCool

This character is an Irish rebel who has been convicted of various political...

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