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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is procured at Oxford?
(a) A fresh crew.
(b) A room at a plush inn.
(c) Lunch.
(d) An arrest warrant for the drunk teamster.

2. Who is the one officer Hornblower remembers clearly?
(a) John Jones.
(b) Tom Pullings.
(c) Tom Leighton.
(d) Jacob Miller.

3. Upon what does payment to Tom Jenkins depend?
(a) Having no problems during transit.
(b) The quality of his goods.
(c) Whether or not he beats several other boats to London.
(d) Timely delivery.

4. Who is Lord Cuthbert Collingwood?
(a) Admiral St. Vincent's best friend.
(b) Maria Hornblower's benefactor.
(c) The Duke of Bollingbroke.
(d) A hero of Trafalgar.

5. What is Hornblower missing?
(a) His left epaulet.
(b) His sword.
(c) His watch.
(d) His hat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the boat carry a long scythe blade at her prow?

2. What is noticed on the floating object?

3. What fascinates Hornblower on the trip?

4. What floats by the Atropos?

5. What is the Speedwell?

Short Essay Questions

1. What fascinates Hornblower about the boat on which he is riding?

2. Why is the Atropos anchored and what does Hornblower do with the time?

3. What does Hornblower do when he hears a shot in the foggy distance?

4. How does Hornblower gain a French privateer as his prize and what is the end result of the operation?

5. What happens at Oxford to relieve Hornblower of his volunteer job and then what does Hornblower do?

6. What do the Hornblowers board after the canal board and where does that take them?

7. How does Hornblower get the Atropos ready for departure?

8. What is recovered from the sea and what does Hornblower figure out from the object?

9. What happens when the Prince and his retinue come on board the Atropos?

10. How does Hornblower end this chapter as the consummate family man?

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