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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the silver in the Speedwell stored?
(a) Chests.
(b) Iron pots.
(c) Bags.
(d) Pottery.

2. How does Hornblower respond to news of the duel?
(a) He is perplexed.
(b) He doesn't care one way or the other.
(c) He is furious.
(d) He is anxious.

3. About what does Jones become confused?
(a) Which rigging to use in the approaching storm.
(b) How to replace the cracked pinion.
(c) Who is chasing whom.
(d) Which ship is closest to Cartagena.

4. Where are McCullum's chances of survival best?
(a) Either ashore or on the ship.
(b) Ashore.
(c) On the ship.
(d) His wound is minor.

5. Where does Atropos go with the treasure?
(a) Batavia.
(b) Gibraltar.
(c) England.
(d) Malta.

6. What does Eisenbeiss want to do for McCullum?
(a) Leave him at a larger island for better medical care.
(b) Remove the bullet surgically.
(c) Let him die.
(d) Find a shaman who will have the right herbal concoction.

7. What has leaked?
(a) Nothing.
(b) The explosive jacket.
(c) The boom.
(d) The fuse house.

8. What is the greatest danger from the wound?
(a) Infection.
(b) The lungs filling with fluid.
(c) Continuing to open it up with movement.
(d) Internal bleeding.

9. Under whose care is McCullum placed?
(a) Eisenbeiss.
(b) A missionary doctor.
(c) The doctor ashore.
(d) The Admiral's personal physician.

10. Where is the last container of gold?
(a) In the captain's cabin.
(b) They do not know.
(c) Under the whole wreck.
(d) It's been stolen.

11. How much fuse do they need for the explosives?
(a) About ten feet.
(b) They don't use a fuse-type explosive.
(c) Very short so it cannot be put out.
(d) Many yards.

12. What does Hornblower do during the salvage operations?
(a) Feels anxious.
(b) Writes letters.
(c) Talks with the Mudir.
(d) Drills the crew.

13. Where is McCullum?
(a) Dead.
(b) On the ship.
(c) In a hospital on the mainland.
(d) In a small boat headed to the mainland.

14. What does Eisenbeiss say is required if McCullum is to live?
(a) McCullum has to want to live.
(b) A rare herb.
(c) Eisenbeiss is not sure how to save McCullum.
(d) Drastic action.

15. Why does Atropos slow down?
(a) Her pinion cracked.
(b) Her foresail is ripped.
(c) She sees some bad reefs ahead.
(d) To bait Castilla into following.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the dinner?

2. What does the Mudir offer for the Atropos's continued presence?

3. Where does Atropos go after discharging the treasure?

4. What is improbable that Castilla does?

5. What is the reason for the lack of flotsam?

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