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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6 and 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why isn't Hornblower fretting overly much about meeting the King?
(a) Because St. Vincent says he may not even meet the king personally.
(b) Because he has new orders.
(c) Because he knows he looks and feels his best.
(d) Because he has a cold.

2. Where will the procession end?
(a) Buckminister Abby.
(b) Whitehall Steps.
(c) Westminister Cathedral.
(d) St. Thomas Cathedral.

3. What will carry the dignitaries during the procession?
(a) The King's carriages.
(b) They will walk behind the caisson carrying the casket.
(c) A series of barges.
(d) Some open topped surreys.

4. With what does the Prince arrive on the Atropos?
(a) Four servants.
(b) A parrot.
(c) Four monkeys.
(d) Extensive baggage.

5. What is Hornblower ordered to attend?
(a) His wife's birthing.
(b) A court martial.
(c) A party hosted by the king.
(d) A hearing of advisement.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Admiral St. Vincent apologize?

2. Why do Hornblower and Tom propel the boat through the tunnel on foot?

3. What does Hornblower arrange to be brought on board?

4. What does the Prince want to do?

5. How does Maria respond to the views of London.

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