Objects & Places from Hornblower and the Atropos

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Queen Charlotte

This is a canal boat upon which Hornblower takes passage to London.

The Captain's List

Individuals in the Royal Navy, once appointed to the rank of post captain, are placed upon this.

HMS Atropos

This is a single deck, twenty-two gun warship.

Ceremonial Barges

Nelson's Thames River funeral procession takes place aboard a series of these.

Watch and Chain

Hornblower has a rather unexceptional one of these that he uses during Nelson's funeral procession.

Amelia Jane and Vengeance

This is a London brig anchored at the Downs near Atropos during a thick fog.

Marmorice Bay

This is deep-set anchorage on the southwest coast of Turkey.

The Wreck of HMS Speedwell

This is an aged transport ship used to ferry armament and pay chests.

Demolition Charges and the Flying Fuse

McCullum instructs Hornblower in the construction of these.


This is a Turkish ship of ancient construction...

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