Hornblower and the Atropos Character Descriptions

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Captain Horatio Hornblower

This character joins the Royal Navy at the fairly-advanced age of seventeen and thereafter climbs through the ranks rapidly.

Maria Hornblower

This character is the daughter of a landlady who owns a tenement where a navy officer lived during the Peace of Amiens.

Horatio and Maria

These characters are the Hornblower's children.

Tom Jenkins and Charlie

These characters operate the towed canal boat upon which Hornblower takes passage in the early chapters of the novel.

Lieutenant John Jones the Ninth

This character is described as a lantern-jawed man with a close-shaven but heavy beard.

Henry Pallender, Esquire

This character is the Blue Mantle Pursuivant at Arms of the College of Heralds.

Admiral Sir John Jervis, Lord St. Vincent

This character is serving a second term as the First Lord of the Admiralty during the time of the novel.

His Serene Highness

This character is the...

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