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Short Answer Questions

1. In what season do Maga and Horacio meet?

2. What unfortunate event has recently happened to Guy Monod in Chapter 9?

3. Why is Pola dying in Chapter 27?

4. On what abstract idea does Horacio ruminate for most of Chapter 3?

5. On what subject does Horatio privately expound at the end of Chapter 17?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ossip apologize to Maga in Chapter 24?

2. In Chapter 115, what surrogate experience does Morelli describe?

3. How are La Maga and Horacio different?

4. What is Rocamadour's place in La Maga and Horacio's relationship?

5. How is the reader introduced to Manolo Traveler in Chapter 143?

6. What criticism does Maga make of Horacio at the end of Chapter 3?

7. Describe Ossip Gregorovius.

8. What is Ossip's diagnosis of Horacio in Chapter 16?

9. How does the Serpent Club relate to La Maga?

10. How does Horacio meet Berthe Trepat?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

HOPSCOTCH as a symbol figures into the novel in several different ways. Write an essay about the use of hopscotch as a literary device, focusing on three different uses of it in the novel?

Part 1) How does the title of the novel indicate an unorthodox way of reading it? Write a paragraph describing the table of instructions provided the reader and how it affects the reading of the novel. To what extent is the reader hopscotching when reading the text?

Part 2) At the end of Book 1, as Horacio is losing his mind and getting arrested in Paris, he begins to ruminate on the game of hopscotch. What does the game become a metaphor for in this rumination? How is this metaphor related to the early purposes of the game of hopscotch?

Part 3) Late in the novel, any reference to hopscotch indicates a loss of sanity on the part of the narrator. Write a summation essay about such references. Who is actually playing hopscotch, and how does Horacio lose grasp of this person's identity when he sees them playing?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about Manolo Traveler. What does he want out of life, and how does his position at the circus and in the community make this impossible? What does he fear regarding his marriage with Talita? Write an analysis of the delicate connection to happiness Manu has in his life and how how the destructive arrival of Horacio seems the imperil his very life. In the end, Talita thinks the madness brought by Horacio makes the marriage stronger. Why is this?

Essay Topic 3

What is the millenary kingdom? Write an essay about this prelapsarian concept, where it comes from, and how it connects thematically with the events of the novel. What does the millenary kingdom mean to both Morelli and Horacio? Why do Etienne and Ronald think that La Maga had some innate connection to it? How is the entire Serpent Club, to some extent, existing in its own millenary kingdom until Rocamadour dies? How does this death force them all to face harsh realities? Conclude the essay by discussing whether the millenary kingdom is seen as a positive or negative thing.

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