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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 84, which character does Horacio mention is gravely ill?

2. What does the old man who lives above La Maga do that annoys her?

3. In Chapter 7, what part of La Maga is Horacio sketching with his finger?

4. How does Ossip describe himself in Chapter 24?

5. What form of horrific execution is shown by the pictures Wong produces in Chapter 14?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Horacio get slapped by Bertha Trepat in Chapter 23?

2. What awful event does Maga describe in Chapter 15?

3. What point regarding observation does Horacio make in Chapter 84?

4. How does the Serpent Club relate to La Maga?

5. What is Maga doing when Horacio arrives in Chapter 28?

6. What is Horacio's goal for living in Paris?

7. Describe Ossip Gregorovius.

8. In Chapter 26, what reason does Ossip offer for Horacio's leaving?

9. Why is La Maga irate in Chapter 93?

10. What news do Babs and Ronald bring to Maga's apartment in Chapter 28?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The novel of HOPSCOTCH consists of three books: two main narrative books and one compilation of chapters sometimes called "expendable." Write an essay about these expendable chapters, what they contain, and how reading them is essential to understanding the full narrative of the novel. Focus on three components of the story that only appear in the third book. What does having this information do to inform what is told in the first two books? Which characters does it illuminate? Why do you think this only exists in expendable chapters?

Part 1) The affair with Pola.

Part 2) Morelliana

Part 3) The hospital meeting with Morelli

Essay Topic 2

The characters of HOPSCOTCH can almost universally be described as intellects. They read constantly that they may spend the rest of their hours debating text and theory. Write an essay about Cortazar's attitude toward theory in an essay in three parts:

Part 1) This fixation on theory is perhaps best illustrated with the protagonist, Horacio. Write an essay examining his obsession with texts and proofs. How does this fixation affect his everyday life? What criticism does he receive from his friends as a result?

Part 2) Spend a paragraph discussing the gatherings and discussions of the Serpent Club. What dialectical arguments do they have to pass the time, and why is La Maga so often ostracized from them? What prerequisites exist for inclusion?

Part 3) Book 1 seems to climax at a moment when, as Horacio observes, dialectical argument proves insufficient. What is this moment? How does this moment shatter the wall of theory built by the Club? What happens to the club as a result?

Essay Topic 3

An emotional change occurs in Horacio between the death of Rocamadour and Horacio's arrival in Buenos Aires. He tells Ossip he wants anonymity and develops a plan for his relationship with the Travelers. Write an essay about this shift from sensation to observation in Horacio. What does he want from Manu and Talita, and how does he go about getting it? Whom does he have to use in the process? Discuss how this attempt at dispassion eventually pushes him into a sort of madness. What is Cortazar saying about the need to express emotion, no matter how painful?

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