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Joan Bauer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Hope's full name?
(a) Hope McDonald.
(b) Hope Fullerton.
(c) Hope Yancy.
(d) Hope Barton.

2. Who comes to Hope's help as she is being harassed by men?
(a) No one, sadly.
(b) Deputy Babcock.
(c) Addie.
(d) Lou Ellen.

3. What kind of tree did G.T. plan when his wife died?
(a) A dogwood.
(b) A pine.
(c) An elm.
(d) A maple.

4. Who does Hope recruit to help serve in the diner when there is an onslaught of customers?
(a) G.T.
(b) Braverman.
(c) Yuri.
(d) Flo.

5. What causes Hope to yell for help as she is trying to gather additional signatures for G.T.'s ballot?
(a) One of the men taunting her grabs her.
(b) She is lost and can't find her way home since she's new in town.
(c) She gets a threatening phone call.
(d) She falls down and twists her ankle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What nationality is Yuri?

2. What item has the owner of the Mulhoney diner sent Addie and Hope in advance?

3. Who are the men who harass Hope as she is trying to gather additional signatures for G.T.'s petition?

4. What did Hope write in small lettering at the restaurant she and Addie left behind in New York?

5. What happens to the men who harass Hope as she is trying to gather more signatures for G.T.'s petition?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Braverman react when one of Millstone's supporters parks a hearse out in front of the diner?

2. How does Adam think Sid can help G.T.'s election campaign?

3. How do the diner patrons react when they see how G.T. handles the hearse outside of the diner?

4. How does Hope come about helping on G.T.'s campaign?

5. Why does Addie's husband leave?

6. How do Addie and Flo first interact when they meet each other?

7. What does Mrs. Pettibone do for Hope to calm her down after she is assaulted in the Farmer's Market parking lot?

8. How does Braverman defend G.T. to voters who are unsure about his candidacy in Chapter 6?

9. Why does Mayor Millstone want a picture with G.T.?

10. Why does Hope change her name?

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