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Joan Bauer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Hope react when G.T. tells her that her birth mother is missing out on a great daughter?
(a) She doesn't really react at all.
(b) She tears up.
(c) She gets mad that G.T. brough it up.
(d) She throws up.

2. Where does Hope get accepted to college?
(a) Michigan State.
(b) Hope College.
(c) The University of Arizona.
(d) Occidental College.

3. How does G.T. look after his day politicking with Hope?
(a) He is badly sunburned.
(b) He is pale and exhausted.
(c) He seems to have a certain glow about him.
(d) He looks better than normal.

4. Whose house gets burglarized during the streak of burglaries that happens prior to the election?
(a) Adam's.
(b) G.T.'s.
(c) Flo's.
(d) Hope's.

5. By how many votes does G.T. lose the election?
(a) Over 1,000.
(b) 114.
(c) Only 3.
(d) Exactly 500.

6. What does Deena call Hope when she meets her in the diner?
(a) Addie.
(b) Bunny.
(c) Tulip.
(d) Hope.

7. What is the second thing G.T. does as mayor?
(a) Marries Addie.
(b) Fines Real Fresh Dairy for the back taxes they owe.
(c) Visits the president in Washington, D.C.
(d) Calls for a press conference where he gave a 4-hour speech.

8. What does G.T. do with the money the Real Fresh Dairy finally pays in back taxes?
(a) Pays for Hope's college tuition.
(b) Uses it to help the poor.
(c) Embezzles it.
(d) Puts it in a government savings account.

9. How does Hope feel about starting school in Mulhoney?
(a) She doesn't want to.
(b) She is nervous but also excited.
(c) She can't wait for it to come.
(d) She isn't planning on going to school there.

10. Who tells G.T. that his illness is in remission?
(a) A reporter who found the results before G.T.
(b) His doctor.
(c) No one; he finds it out by doing his own tests.
(d) Hope.

11. How does Hope react when Braverman tells her that her changed name is perfect for her?
(a) Her heart does a flip.
(b) She gets really angry.
(c) She start laughing really hard and can't stop.
(d) She faints.

12. What's the first thing G.T. does as mayor?
(a) Appoints Babcock as sheriff.
(b) Orders a statue of himself be made.
(c) Puts Millstone in jail.
(d) Proposes to Addie.

13. What pattern does Babcock figure out about whose houses are being burglarized before the election?
(a) Supporters of Mayor Millstone.
(b) Only men.
(c) Only women.
(d) Supporters of G.T.

14. How long do the polls stay open on Election Day?
(a) Until every person has cast their ballot.
(b) Until 12:00 a.m.
(c) Until 9:00 p.m.
(d) Until 5:00 p.m.

15. What reasons does Hope give to a reporter about why she is supporting G.T.?
(a) Because he is her employer and she's afraid not to support him.
(b) Because he is honest and wanted to make things better.
(c) Because she feels bad for him because he is so sick.
(d) Because she has a crush on him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Braverman's little sisters teasingly call Hope when she goes to visit him after he is beaten up?

2. After a woman claims to find something in her salad at the diner, what does she promise?

3. Where is Hope when Braverman asks her out on a date?

4. What time does Addie come home from her first date with G.T.?

5. How did Hope spend her summer in Mulhoney?

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