Hope Was Here Short Essay - Answer Key

Joan Bauer
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1. Why does Hope change her name?

Hope changes her name because she strongly dislikes "Tulip," which is the name her birth mother gave her at birth. She changes it to Hope because she thinks Hope is a good thing to always have.

2. Why does Deena give Hope to Addie?

Deena gives Hope to Addie because she wasn't in the mindset to raise a child. Addie, meanwhile, has been desperately trying to have a child after suffering 3 miscarriages.

3. Why does Addie's husband leave?

Addie's husband leaves because he is cheating on her. He leaves Addie for a dental hygienist.

4. Why does Deena name Hope "Tulip"?

Deena names Hope "Tulip" because she remembered an actress in a movie running through a field of tulips. The actress seemed so happy -- which is what she wanted her daughter to be.

5. What does Deena tell Hope about her father?

Deena tells Hope that she does not know who her father is. Hope, however, doesn't believe her.

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