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Joan Bauer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does G.T. say to a diner who asks G.T., shortly after he announces that he's running for mayor, if the campaign would be too hard on him?
(a) That he thinks it might be true but he has to try.
(b) That he's focused more on living than on dying.
(c) That his doctor said it would be okay as long as he takes naps.
(d) That he doesn't really care.

2. How does G.T. look after his day politicking with Hope?
(a) He seems to have a certain glow about him.
(b) He is pale and exhausted.
(c) He looks better than normal.
(d) He is badly sunburned.

3. How does Addie react when G.T. asks her for a date?
(a) She is embarassed and declines.
(b) She is stunned at first but then agrees to go.
(c) She is really mad.
(d) She says okay but not until Hope leaves for college.

4. Whose house gets burglarized during the streak of burglaries that happens prior to the election?
(a) Hope's.
(b) Flo's.
(c) Adam's.
(d) G.T.'s.

5. What does Hope do that annoys Lou Ellen in Chapter 5?
(a) Makes more in tips than she does.
(b) Spills coffee all over the place.
(c) Fills up the coffee cups of some of her diners.
(d) Keeps calling her by the wrong name.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lou Ellen tell Hope about Anastasia's father?

2. What is Deena wearing when she walks into the diner, looking for Hope?

3. How does Addie react when she hears that G.T.'s illness is in remission?

4. Why did Hope run away from Addie in Atlanta?

5. Where to Hope and G.T. first stop when they are politicking together in Chapter 12?

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